Love is in the Air

Our wedding season just ended, we had four weddings in two months.  As the first of our friends to get married I know how important it is to make time for date night.  I wanted to give our dear friends some inspiration for carving out the time to spend together.  One gift was a shower gift and the other was a wedding gift.  They turned out so cute!

Shower Gift- Personalized Popcorn Bowl, tons of goodies for movie night, and a gift card to Redbox.

Wedding Gift- Popcorn Popper, two beer steins, 2 beers, and popcorn kernels.  I made the kernel tag that says, "Love is Sharing your Popcorn."

Shower Gift Tag
Wedding Gift Tag

Popcorn Kernel Tags

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Gina and Anthony's Engagement Party

This weekend we celebrated with our best friends, Gina and Anthony, at their engagement party.  It was a lovely evening hosted by Gina's parents at their beautiful home.  We enjoyed good food, great company, and fun dancing.  We look forward to their wedding which is next June.  We couldn't be more excited for the happy couple!

Gina and Anthony-The Cute Couple

Gina's Family

Anthony's Parents

Daddy and Daughter
Groom, Groomsmen and Ushers

Gina and Anthony with the Groomsmen and Ushers

The Bride with her boys

Bride and Bridesmaids

Gina and Anthony with the bridesmaids

All the Girls- Bride, Bridesmaids, and Junior Bridesmaids

Gina and Anthony with the Junior Bridesmaids

The Junior Bridesmaids-They are so excited to be in the wedding!

Team Serpa

The Fresno Crew

Father's Day

Yesterday was Kevin's first Father's Day and he is such an amazing father.  He is always willing to help me with Emily and he is an absolute natural at being a dad.  I wanted to show him how much he means to me and Emily because he is such an amazing man, father, and husband.  My theme was ties.  I had a tie banner, tie cupcake toppers, tie beer tags, and I wrapped his gifts in ties.  It turned out really cute!

 Gifts Wrapped in Ties

 Tie and Collar Gift Wrapping

 One of Kevin's gifts.  This is going in our room so that we can leave each other notes saying why we love each other.  I just printed out the page, put it in a frame, and then wrote with a dry erase pen.

Tie Beer Tags

 M & M's in a Tie Shape

Tie Cupcake Toppers

We went to my mother in laws later in the day and I transferred a few of the items.


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