Let the Good Times Roll

A couple of weeks ago Kevin had the National Demolition Association Convention in Las Vegas and I was able to meet up with him for a few days of fun!  I came straight from my own work conference in Indian Wells but was happy I was able to make both trips work.  We spent our time shopping, eating, and gambling as well as attending the convention events.  Some of Kevin's family members were there as well which made the week that much more fun.  During our stay I celebrated my 32nd birthday. Since about 25 I dread birthdays but Vegas wasn't a bad place to drown my sorrows, lol! Vegas has a million clubs and bars but my favorite is the Toby Keith Bar.  People think I'm crazy but the laid back feel and the live country band are the perfect combination for me.  We celebrated my big day by dancing the night away at the TKB.  Our trip was so much fun but it was fabulous getting home and seeing my babies after 9 days away between the two trips.

The convention events included a NFL Night and the Installation Dinner (and were the only photos I took all week).

The Secret to Staying Glam

I'm revealing my secret weapon in staying glam and keeping organized. Being organized is in my DNA; I get a sense of relief when I get something clean and tidy.  My beauty items like makeup, skin care, and nail polish were spread between my medicine cabinet and two drawers in my bathroom.  I was never happy with how they were spread out.  I was thrilled to try out Boxy Girl to display and organize all of these items.  I was shocked at how much the four stackable drawers held and I even have a bit of room to spare (shopping opportunity!).  Not only does the Boxy Girl have a large capacity but it's also extremely versatile.  Each drawer is stackable but not permanently connected so you can lay them side by side of divide them however you see fit.  I may even try separating them and using the drawers for other uses like jewelry and children's accessories.

I think the lid on top is a nice extra touch; the items inside stay clean and it just adds a bit of luxury.

I was also impressed with the quality of Boxy Girl.  It's like a piece of furniture for your vanity.  It's crystal clear and durable because it's made in an injectable mold with Lucite Acrylic.  The Boxy Girl is extremely sturdy; I was surprised by the weight of the box. Other vanity organizers are made of cheap plastic, are foggy, glued together, bulky and just too expensive.

My Boxy Girl keeps all my beauty items within reach all in one beautiful spot.  I love when I'm getting ready that I'm not digging through cabinets and drawers looking for what I need.  My day to day makeup routine is featured here and in real time was just under 5 minutes; being organized helps keep the routine quick and easy.

I also had the pleasure of viewing the latest products from Boxy this week and they are now live on the site.  I am so in love with the new options for your Boxy.  Hannah and her team have spent over a year developing the highest quality items that take your Boxy to another level.  The newest items expand the Boxy making organizing your vanity a beautiful piece of art.  The new items fit in or on top of the Boxy and organize your jewelry and makeup in a more stylish and efficient way.

So now you know my secret to staying glam; by being organized with Boxy Girl!!!

Boxy Girl received in exchange for this post.  As always all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

Love in Winter Wonderland

If I could wave a magic wand at any given moment I would transport myself to a lounge chair on a white sand beach, sipping a blended drink, reading a juicy novel while overlooking turquoise waters. I hate to be cold and warmth is my friend, however recently Tahoe had me completely in love.  The scenery was magical or perhaps it was the weekend of love that warmed my heart to the cold.

We traveled up for a quick trip to the snow for a family friend's wedding who always dreamed of a winter wonderland wedding.  Well she definitely got it because it snowed almost constantly the week before.  The drive up was quite scary due to the weather conditions but once we got there we had so much fun.  It was nice to hang out with family friends we haven't seen in awhile and for Kevin and I to get an adult weekend away.  Tahoe was absolutely magical with every tree and rooftop covered in snow.

The wedding was the perfect combination of personality, love, beauty, and nature.  The ceremony was held in the most gorgeous church with a backdrop of huge windows which overlooked snow covered pines.  The priest gave one of the best wedding ceremonies I've ever heard and I was honored to be there to be a part of it.  The reception was an equally gorgeous venue and we had the absolute best time dancing the night away.  Wishing Giovanna and Max a lifetime of love, health and happiness and thank you for including us on your magical day.