As you know by now I love any holiday!  Any excuse for decorating and dressing up I'm all for.  We've had lots of fun this month going to the pumpkin patch and Zoo Boo, decorating the house, carving pumpkins, putting gifts together for friends and family, attending the Harvest Party at school, and dressing up to get in the spirit of Halloween.

(Trick or Treating Post will be separate.)

Getting in the spirit this month...
Thank you Christina for making the cutest bow and pumpkin onesie for Madi!!! We loved it.

Zoo Boo

Carving pumpkins...

A break from carving to ride daddy's momo.

My Minnie Mouse Pumpkin

Halloween Morn- Pumpkin Waffles and a surprise Halloween Bucket filled with goodies. 

Emily's Halloween books we've been reading all month.

Gifts given and received...

Halloween Decor...

School Days-October

The school days of October are already over; time is flying by.  In school this month, Emily learned about the letters D, E, and F, the shape Square, the colors Orange & Black, and for math they practiced Sorting.  
A big event during October iss the Harvest Party at school.  The Ladybug class painted Pumpkin t-shirts that they got to wear today.  I came for the party where the kids got to play several games, walk a hay maze, and "pick" a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. They finished off the day with a special lunch party.  (Harvest Party Post here).

Harvest Party at Emily's School

Today was the Harvest Party at Emily's School.  She had so much fun playing a variety of games, running thru the hay maze, "picking" a pumpkin in the school pumpkin patch, and having a lunch party in her classroom.  Emily got to enjoy pizza and a pumpkin cookie.  I joined the party which was fun to participate in.