Shopping is My Cardio

Anyone else still suffering from the Christmas hangover?!?!  I haven't wanted to move from the couch all week!  I keep seeing all these posts about resolutions (my own coming soon) and I'm feeling guilty because not only have I been sedentary for a few days, I don't have any fitness plans on the books.  Instead, shopping is my cardio (aside from chasing rascals all day).  During these cold winter months it can be a bit more challenging to stay fashionable and warm.  Also when I have a full day of shopping or running errands I have to keep it somewhat comfortable so I can last the whole day.  I wouldn't survive without booties this year.  I'm trying to figure out how in one point in my life I only wore pumps every day of my life... oh that's right I was younger!  Anyways booties are one of my go-to shoes along with OTK and riding boots.  This Chevron print sweater vest has also been on repeat for a few weeks.  It adds just enough warmth and brings all the style to this otherwise plain look.  The basics underneath are my favorite black skinny jeans and a black tee.  I always look to my purses to complete a look; they are one of my favorite accessories.   If you're overall look is simple a purse can make all the difference; just like in this case.

Friday Favorites 12/23

The spirit of Christmas was sure alive this week.  It was a blessed week full of fun.  We started off last weekend with celebrating Christmas with Grandpa Dennis.  We had lunch, played several games and opened gifts.  We played Reindeer Games with 5 different rounds and I must say my team won 5-0!  It was a really fun day and we loved spending quality time together.

On Sunday we had Breakfast with Santa at Copper River Country Club.  This was our first time there for brunch and I totally recommend their holiday brunch.  The Santa was the best I've ever seen; he spent so much time with each girl and was the most loving Santa ever.  The girls got to chat with Santa, decorate sugar cookies, and we all ate tons of food.  It was an extra bonus to spend the morning with the Marsh's; thank you for inviting us.

My mom's birthday was this week and we decorated our Ginger Bread House all together.  It's such a fun tradition.  We also had dinner together and loved spending the day having fun.

I noticed a familiar face on Ooh La La's Instagram this week!

Every year we write our letters to Santa at Macy's because with each letter they donate to Make A Wish.  Emily wrote her own letter this year with some spelling help.  It's amazing to see her progress.

We celebrated Tinsley's 4th birthday with pizza, cookies and fun this week!  I remember holding this firecracker for the first time 4 years ago and I can't believe how the time is flying.  I am so honored to be her godmother and get to spend these special moments together.

Tis' the season for holiday parties and this week I also had PINC's annual Christmas party.  We celebrated at The Lime Light and had such a great time socializing and grubbing.

Merry Christmas to everyone!