Build A Bear

Emily's Uncle Mike got her a Build A Bear gift certificate for Christmas.  I'm sad to say we just got there a couple of weeks ago.  Emily had a great time bringing her bear to life and dressing her up.  Emily even dressed herself up.  The glasses for the bears fit her perfectly.  She went home with two pair for herself; funny girl!  Thanks Uncle Mike for such a great gift.  Emily loves her bear Grace.

Circus Circus

The tradition continues and today we went to the circus.  Kevin's grandma has been taking him for 26 years and now Emily for 2 years.  Before the show started we went to the ground floor to see the clowns, gets tattoos, and watch the Elephants paint.  Em was on stimulation overload.  Once we got to our seats she was so excited.  She clapped, yelled "yay," and smiled most of the time.  She also changed laps a thousand times:)
The circus is always fun and we look forward to it every year but this year they changed the format and acts and we weren't as impressed as usual.
Nevertheless, it was a fun day!  Thanks Mom Mom for taking us.

Let Freedom Ring

We celebrated Fourth of July at our house with a BBQ, where our friends and family beared the almost unbearable heat.  We had such a fun day playing games, racing down the waterslide, shooting off fireworks, and doing lots of eating and drinking.

Thanks to everyone who came!

Here are a few of Em's holiday outfits:

I made this and it was supposed to be worn with an adorable tutu on the 4th.  However, the iron left two spots on the onesie.  I tried to bleach the spots many times.  I did that one too many times because it created a hole:(  Such a waste of time and money.  I was so sad.

Holiday Decor:

Hanging lanterns

I spray painted stars in the grass

Blocks I made

Red Jello Shots

Homemade Star Shortbread Cookies made by my mom to make a flag.  Aren't these spectacular?!?!
I painted this pallet as a flag

This is what it looks like when you try to take a photo of a one and half year old..... (ADD and no smiles)

Emily and her friend Kentyn

Swimming with her Uncle Mike, the best God Father ever!

Charlie's Angels- The undefeated Flip Cup Team!!!!!!!!

Emily's First Sparkler