Mommy Monday

Another new addition to my blog: Mommy Monday.  I love being a mom, well almost always!  My mommy friends and I always seem to be sharing stories, tips, and advice about all things mom.  I've decided I would start blogging about being a mom; from how I survive to how I try to bring fun into our days.

Since I have a newborn and so do a handful of my friends I seem to be talking A LOT about sleep.  So this is my first topic of Mommy Monday. Before the baby is even born you are sleep deprived and the second the baby arrives you turn into a zombie.  From day 1 my goal is getting the baby to sleep thru the night!  Madi is sleeping thru the night and I'm still tired so I think how did I do it before?!?!

My #1 savior is Baby Wise.  Baby Wise seems to be so controversial but what I've learned is the people who turn their face at me when I say I follow Baby Wise is the same people who have never read it.  They also seem to be the same people who have toddlers who don't sleep thru the night.
Putting your baby on a schedule and TEACHING them to sleep is not cruel, it is the number 1 tool you can teach them in life.  Sleep is extremely crucial for development and health.  So I don't think I'm cruel I think I'm giving my baby the best gift.  Plus if you are over tired it affects how you are as a mom and you must take care of yourself to be a good mom.

I totally recommend picking up a copy of Baby Wise if you're pregnant or wanting to get your little one to sleep thru the night.  The basis is putting your baby on a schedule right away so they can regulate their metabolism and learn when to be awake and when to be asleep.  The cycle is feed baby, keep them awake, and put them down for nap/bed while awake.  You're not to use sleep props but I also believe in sanity so sometimes they are necessary.

When the baby is on a schedule it takes out soooooo much guesswork.  Now you know if they are crying because they are hungry or tired or something else.  When you don't follow a schedule you have no idea what to expect and what is wrong with the baby.  Also a schedule helps me stay sane.  I can plan my day because I know when the baby needs to eat and when I can run errands or work around that schedule.

Final tips on sleep:

1. Keep a schedule
2. Feed, keep baby awake, sleep
3. Don't keep baby up too long.  They get overstimulated and then will never sleep.
4. Once baby is 12 weeks and a healthy weight they can sleep thru the night so my #4 tip is let them cry in increments.
5. Have baby sleep outside of your room because I swear they smell you and sleep worse.

Supper Sunday- Tri tip Sandwiches

I'm starting a new piece to my blog called Supper Sunday.  I don't mind cooking but what I struggle with is what to make for dinner.  I feel like we eat the same things over and over!  So I decided I'll blog about recipes that I either know and love or things I'm giving a try on Sundays.  I hope that others with follow and share their favorites (hint, hint, nudge, nudge!).

This recipe is for Tri-Tip Sandwiches.  This isn't exactly what you're thinking because it's a crock pot meal so the meat falls apart and is more like shredded beef than a standard sliced tri tip sandwich.  This is no Dog House but it's really yummy and extremely easy.  That's a good combo if you ask me!  My favorite recipes are always crockpot recipes.  I love having dinner prepared in the evening instead of having to do it on demand.

Let me know if you give any of my recipes a try and what you think.


2.5 lb tri tip roast
BBQ Sauce
Seasoning Salt
Olive Oil
Green and Red Bell Pepper
Yellow or White Onion


Rub both sides of tri tip with olive oil, seasoning salt, and pepper.  Drizzle ketchup and bbq sauce on top of roast.  Use approximately 1/4 c. water and 1/4 c. of wine and pour around the tri tip.  Cook on low all day or until meat falls apart very easily.  
A few hours before serving add onion and bell pepper.  
When ready to serve pull meat apart and serve meat, peppers and onions on a roll.  I drizzle a bit of BBQ sauce on the roll.

This recipe doesn't have measurements because I just made this up.  Just use whatever amount you think you would like.

I served this with a green salad, fruit, and baked beans.

I forgot to take a picture of the final product:)

Disneyland-The Happiest Place on Earth

Get ready for the longest blog post!!!  We just returned home from our first Disneyland trip with the girls.  It was a BLAST!!!  We loved seeing Disney thru Emily's eyes.  

It was pretty hard with Madi.  I feel so bad like we tortured her for four days.  I really thought this was a great time to take her because she sleeps thru the night but isn't mobile so she would just eat and sleep in the stroller.  Well she cried most of the time.  I don't think it helped that it was SOOOO hot.  I think she was boiling.
Anyways back to the fun....

Day 1:

We left bright and early on Sunday morning.  My love bugs ready to roll.

This is how Madi traveled:

This is how this Diva travels:

When we arrived Emily and Daddy went swimming at the hotel and Voa Voa and I unpacked and got settled.

Wardrobe change for Miss Drools A Lot

When I was five I took my first to trip to Disneyland with my mom and grandparents.  My grandpa bought me a red Minnie Mouse watch on Main Street during that trip.  I still remember picking it out.  I thought it was the coolest thing.  I had the batteries replaced and gave it to Emily when we arrived at the hotel.  She was super excited.

Right when we walked into the park Mickey's Parade was coming around Main Street.  The timing was perfect!

Most of my pics look like this.  Em was so overwhelmed and stimulated.

After the parade Emily was hungry so we walked over to Hungry Bear Restaurant.  I wanted to eat here because I heard lots of good things about it especially the atmosphere.  The atmosphere was nice but the food stunk!  I would not recommend it.

We like selfies....
This was our first ride of the trip on Winnie the Pooh

As we were eating dinner and riding Pooh, Emily saw the train that goes around the park.  She was desperate to ride it so we caught it in Frontierland and got off in Toon Town.

We spent some time exploring Toon Town.

Entering Mickey's House

Emily rode her first roll-o-coaster in Toon Town.  Kevin thought she couldn't do it and she would be scared but I knew she would love it.  She is a trill seeker!  I was right and she laughed and smiled the entire ride.

It got a little chilly the first night and Emily loved her Minnie blanket I made her.  She even slept with it every night.

Day 2:

We started the day with breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen

Who's coming?!?!

This was round 1 for Emily's breakfast.  She ate her entire pancake, waffle, and 3/4 of her PB&J pizza.  Not to mention the dessert after that!

Daddy's birthday is next week so we celebrated with a cupcake

To be honest, I was a little disappointed in Goofy's Kitchen.  The characters we saw were Goofy, Pluto, Jasmine, Chip and Dale, Captain Hook,  and The Mad Hatter.  I was expecting the Clubhouse characters so I was disappointed in the lame characters that were there.

After breakfast we took the monorail into the park.  Emily loved it!!!

Emily's never heard the tune  "It's a Small World" but she sang and danced thru the entire ride.  It was so funny.



First time on the tea cups.  "Faster, faster, faster!" 

The hat is not my style but it was mine and my mom brought it along so Em wore it for a bit.  LOL

Spoiled little girl...
She saw kids with these and really wanted one.  Voa Voa bought it for her while she was driving a car on Autopia.  She was ecstatic.

Like mommy, Emily loves her sweets.  This Mickey cake pop was delish.

Meeting Mickey:

Meeting Minnie:

Meeting Daisy:

Meeting Tigger:

Meeting Winnie the Pooh:

Seeing Goofy on Main Street:

We ran into Minnie on Main Street but she was headed home.  She asked Emily if she wanted to walk her home.  This little girl was on Cloud 9.  It was so fun to see.

Big bye bye hugs and kisses:

My first set of ears is from that first trip when I was five.  I still have mine and Auntie Pam bought the girls theirs on this trip. Thanks Auntie for the ears.  I was so excited that we all had ears.

We had dinner in Downtown Disney at Naples.  Emily loved watching the pizzas being made.

At dinner a balloon guy comes around making animals and characters.  Emily wanted a Minnie Mouse of course.  It was an incredible balloon character.

When I asked Em to take a pic with her Minnie I got a game of hide and seek:




Day 3:

Thank you Christina for making the ADORABLE onesie for Miss Madi.

Teacups round 2

We watched the Clubhouse characters and Mickey's band perform outside of Cinderella's Castle.

It wasn't until Day 3 that we made it to CA Adventure.  I actually like this park more but with kids the pace is so much slower so we didn't get here until day 3.  Voa Voa stayed with the girls while mom and dad rode Grizzly River Run.  It was so hot so getting wet was refreshing.

May I recommend a rider swap.  After Kevin and I rode the Grizzly Ride I asked for a Rider Swap pass which is good for 3 people to get back in the fast pass lane.  So Kevin switched with my mom and watched the girls while my mom and I rode the Grizzly River Run ride.  This is great if you have kids that can't go on a ride.

Later in the day Voa Voa took Emily and Madi back to the hotel for naps.  Emily went Sunday and Monday with no nap AND going to bed late so Tuesday we decided we would shoot for a nap.  
This was a great time for mommy and daddy to have some fun!

Radiator Springs Car Ride was lots of fun.

After nap Kevin and I went back to the hotel and picked up Miss Em.  Madi and Voa Voa stayed in for the evening.  We went back to CA Adventure and the highlight of the night was the DJ show in Cars Land.  DJ the Car plays music and the Diner Ladies come out and dance with the kids.  Emily LOVED dancing in the street.  It was so much fun to watch.

Meeting Lightening McQueen:

Day 4:

We didn't get a pic of all us girls in our ears so we took this pic.  Can you tell we're a bit run down by day 4?!?!

Meeting Donald:

Meeting Jessie:

Meeting Ariel:

Teacups Round 3:

Voa Voa bought the girls plush Minnie Mouses.  Emily picked out a pink one for herself and a red one for sissy.  Emily has barely put hers down since she got her.

Meeting Cinderella on our way out:

We headed home about 5:30 on Wednesday.  We thought after 3 of 4 days with no nap and going to bed really late each night this girl would pass out the second we got in the car.  Well the joke was on us.  She talked, sang, and laughed for 1.5 hours before hitting the dust.  Once she did she was out!

Thank you Voa Voa for taking us on a trip of a lifetime.  We made so many magical memories.  Also thank you for helping with Madi; we couldn't have done it without you.