Alleluia He is Risen-Hoppy Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays!!!  I love the reason for the holiday, I love the warmer weather, and it's the holiday that we host at our house so its extra special for us.  For several years we've celebrated Easter with Kevin's family on Saturday so we can enjoy the whole day together and not worry about rushing to get to other events.  We spend the day hanging out, playing games, eating, and hunting Easter Eggs.  It's the best!!

Baskets from Voa Voa

Auntie Sharla made the cutest deviled eggs.

The four littlest kids got to do an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt before lunch.

The big kids paired up with the littles and helped them.

Don't drop the mimosa Auntie Pammy, lol!

Tinsley won first place by completing everything on her checklist!

They were excited to each get a ribbon.

After lunch we had the official Easter Egg hunt and the little ones were off first...

There were prizes for the most eggs found, a prize for the empty Resurrection Egg, and a prize for the highest number from inside the eggs.  In several of the eggs I put a 1-5 inside and at the end the kids had to add them all up.  The person with the highest total won a prize.  Once again Tinsley won.  She won the little kids Scavenger Hunt, the most eggs found (she's the youngest next to Madi by the way), the empty Resurrection Egg, and the highest number inside the eggs.  We were dying.  Who invited the Marsh's?!?!? LOL!!!  We only gave her two prizes and shared the love with some of the other kids.

After the Hunt the older kids and adults played relay games.  It was Outlawas vs. Inlaws and of course the Outlaws (my team) won!!!  My mom was the photographer and didn't know how to zoom in so use your imagination to figure out what was going on, lol.

Two teams, 3 legs to the race.

First leg:
Booty Shaker

Each team had 6 ping pong balls in a tissue box tied around one persons waist.  The first person had to get the balls out without using their hands or assistance and then pick up all the balls, put them back in the box and hand off to the next person.  All six team members had to complete this.  The team who finished first got 1 point.

I tried getting all fours to shake out the balls and it worked well.

Leg Two:
Peep Toss

One member held a cup on their head and the next member had to get 4 peeps into the cup.  Once complete the next member would go until all members tossed and held the cup once.  The team who completed this leg first got a point.

Leg Three:
Fill the Bucket

Each team member had a cup full of water.  The first person had to walk backwards to the bucket at the other end of the grass.  Once they got to the bucket they could turn around and dump their water into the bucket while the cup remained on their head.  They ran back and tagged the next member who did the same.  The team who completed this first with the most amount of water got a point.

Like I said team Outlaw( Jay, John, Mike, Jonathan, Jordan, and Me ) took home the prizes- Bragging rights, lotto tickets, and candy!

Opening baskets from Voa Voa.

Easter morning:
We get up and see what the Easter bunny brought, go to Easter Mass, and brunch at Fort Washington Country Club.

The Easter Bunny brought the girls a giant Flamingo floaty, flamingo bathing suits, a kickboard, colored bubbles, stripe tank tops, Easter books, fairy wings, stickers, coloring books, and Spring Pj's.

Spring Pj's from Pitter Patterson's Boutique were the perfect addition to their Easter Baskets.

Spring Pj's from Pitter Patterson's Boutique were the perfect addition to their Easter Baskets.

Spring Pj's from Pitter Patterson's Boutique were the perfect addition to their Easter Baskets.

The Easter Bunny pooped in our toilet again this year. 

Just a little excited to see what the Easter bunny left.

Super excited about hairspray, hehehehe!

Lounging on the new Flamingo!

My mom came over to ride with us to Mass.

This cheese face from Madi kills me!

Easter Egg Hunt at Holy Spirit Church.

We then had brunch with family at Fort Washington Country Club.  The brunch is always amazing!!!  Thank you Karen for inviting us!