Freshly Picked Moccasins

I am honored to have partnered with Freshly Picked recently.  I wanted to do a photo shoot to feature the moccasins and my concept was to play off of the brand name.  The photographer, Stacy Marini, and I decided on Simonian Farms in their peach and grape orchards.  The moccasins are beyond cute but also high quality, comfortable, and form fitting to a child's foot.
Freshly Picked was started by Susan Petersen because she was frustrated with baby shoe options.  She started at her kitchen table with a "shoestring budget".  Since inception in 2009 the moccasins have gone through 6 design changes to perfect the look and fit.
I love Freshly Picked Moccasins especially for their style but also for the ease of putting them on and taking them off and how they stay on in between.  Baby shoes are always so difficult to get on and rarely stay on when you want them to.  Freshly Picked Moccasins are stylish, durable, well-made, and easy!
Keep your eyes open for a giveaway that I am doing with Freshly Picked soon!!!  You won't want to miss it.

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Madison's outfit was graciously provided by InfantileShop; see blog post here for more info.  Emily's outfit was from Carter's and Old Navy.  Both girls are wearing Freshly Picked Moccasins. Necklaces were made with love by Voa Voa.  Bows were purchased at Sugar & Spice.  Photoshoot location was Simonian Farms at Clovis & Jensen. Photography by Stacy Marini Photography; see blog post here.

Introducing Stacy Marini Photography

I'm so excited to share my recent partnership with Stacy Marini Photography.  When I partnered with Freshly Picked I wanted to do a photo shoot to feature the moccasins and was looking for the perfect photographer to capture my vision.  I've been following Stacy Marini on social media for several months and loved her work so I reached out to her.  Stacy was on board and met us Simonian Farms for the shoot.  Stacy was fabulous to work with.  She totally understood my concept and was WONDERFUL with my little ones.  Working with young children can be such a challenge and Stacy knew exactly what she was doing.  I walked away from the shoot not stressed out and let me tell you that is a miracle because toddlers and pictures always stress me out.
The pictures speak for themselves so please consider Stacy for your next photo sessions.  She specializes in families, babies, children, seniors, engagements, weddings, and maternity.

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Madison's outfit was graciously provided by InfantileShop; see blog post here for more info.  Emily's outfit was from Carter's and Old Navy.  Both girls are wearing Freshly Picked Moccasins; see blog post here.
Necklaces were made with love by Voa Voa.  Bows were purchased at Sugar & Spice.
Photoshoot location was Simonian Farms at Clovis & Jensen.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself:
Ever since I was young I loved photography, I remember starting off with a Disk and Polaroid camera, setting up blankets to make a backdrop and taking picture after picture of my baby sister. My mom then gave me the crown of family photographer because I didn’t leave a moment uncaptured on film. Every photoshoot I encounter is exciting to me, I find myself smiling behind the camera as I click away. I want all my clients to feel comfortable and at ease so that I can capture them as naturally as possible. As I mom I understand how important it is to document our families over the years and I feel blessed by the opportunity to photograph my clients special moments.

What has been your greatest lesson in running your own business?
Be kind and supportive to others in your industry.  We were all started from somewhere and helping each other is the right thing to do. I would do anything to help my photographer friends and they would do the same.

What’s your greatest tip for entrepreneurs?
Philippians 4:13 New King James Version (NKJV)13 I can do all things through Christ [a] who strengthens me.  Believe in yourself, follow your passions, and let other benefit from your gifts.

What does your normal day look like?

Kids, editing, house duties, editing, editing, kids, family, editing, kids, family, editing, lol!

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by all the photographers who continue to better themselves and still have passion for what you do

Introducing Classeigh Inks

I love capturing milestones and creating traditions.  Since we just had Back to School last week I had to commemorate this special event in Emily's childhood.  Last year we started the tradition of taking a first day of school picture with a Back to School Chalkboard Sign.  It's a fantastic way to mark the beginning of the school year and I know one day I will look back and be so excited to see what she wanted to be when she grew up or what date she started school.  
I've used Classeigh Inks in the past for items like this so I was really excited that Ashleigh decided to collaborate with me on this Back to School Sign.  Ashleigh started her business 7 years ago with an Etsy site and now has her own website.  Two years into her business she started a photography business as well.  On her site you can find variety of card products including birthday, graduation, holiday, baby, religious, and wedding cards.  Her holiday cards are especially cute and I can't wait until I start working on holiday cards; I just love that time of year.  All invites and cards are of very high quality printed on thick pearl cardstock and arrive within 1-2 business days.

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Shop the Classeigh Inks Website for Birthday, Graduation, and Holiday Cards as well as custom orders.  Also keep your eyes open on for Classeigh Inks who frequently has a deal going there.

The following photos are adapted from Classeigh Inks:

Back to School at Young Chefs Academy and Food Network Magazine Giveaway

Looking for something really fun to do this weekend?  I wanted to share Young Chefs Academy Back to School Open House Event this Saturday, August 29th from 11:00-1:00.  Children will be able to create back to school snacks,  learn kitchen safety tips, enjoy samples and win prizes.  In anticipation of the event Food Network Magazine is giving away a one year subscription to one of my lucky followers.  To be eligible to win please subscribe to my blog and check out my Instagram for more details.

For more info on the event check out:

You can also check out Young Chefs Academy Facebook, Twitter, Local Chef Shayna's Twitter, and Chef Shayna's Instagram.

Introducing Chipped with Charm

I'm very excited to introduce Chipped with Charm.  This shop offers custom handmade rustic inspired home decor.  Their shop currently offers several options, like wooden centerpiece boxes, bottle openers, iPad stands, and decorative signs but also takes customs order so you can find the perfect gift for the hard to buy someone.  My husband is one of those "impossible to buy for," so when I was racking my brain for an anniversary gift I was so excited to connect with Danya.  It's was our 6th anniversary this year which means the gift of iron.  This wall mount bottle opener and cap catcher was the perfect idea, incorporating iron and a practical use since he loves beer.  This is a great addition to our bar.  
Danya was wonderful to work with, responsive, and customer driven.  Shipping was extremely quick as well. I highly recommend you check out her shop.

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Shop Chipped with Charm for 100% handmade rustic decor and gifts or custom orders.  Click here for this Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Following photos adapted from Chipped with Charm:

Mommy Monday-Back to School

Emily had her first day of school today at Shining Star Preschool.  She is a Trusting Turtle this year in Miss Debbie and Miss Meredith's class.  When I walked into her room this morning she said, "Mom I'm not old enough for the 4's class, I'm 3."  I told her it was for 3 and 4 year olds and she was happy with that response.  She then ran to her closet to show me what she wanted to wear.  While I was out of town this weekend Voa Voa took her shopping.  They found the perfect outfit for the first day of class with a turtle on it!
Emily was so excited for school to be back in session and she was bursting with excitement this morning.  She wanted to go say hi to her previous teachers and was thrilled to see them after the long summer.  We then walked to her new class which she quickly recognized as "her summer school class (she went two days)."  She recognized her friend Carson from last year right away and ran up to him to give him a hug.  She then gave her teachers a hug and gave them a little treat.  She jumped right into playing and we were off.  We are so proud of how social and confident she is.
When I picked her up this afternoon she wanted to show me a few things she did today and then she wanted to say bye to her current and past teachers.  
She asked for YoDiggity and since today was a special day we grabbed it on our way home.
The time is flying and our little girl is getting so big.  We are so proud of her and excited to see what this year brings.  Soon is Kindergarten and within a blink will be high school graduation.

More pictures to come...