Trusting Turtles-School Days- February

In the month of February Emily's class learned the letters Mm, Pp, and Bb, reviewed numbers,  the color pink, the shape heart,  and the bible verse was, "A friend loves at all times."  Of course this month Emily had a Valentine's Party at school.  The class sang a song then got to pass out their treats to each friend.  After the exchange they had a special party lunch.
At the end of the month was Date with Dad.  Emily was so excited she woke up at 5 am to get ready.  She doesn't even get up this early for Santa!!!  Daddy took her to school which is a treat in itself.  Then they enjoyed donuts and refreshments then played basketball with her friends.

Emily filled another good behavior chart!

Madi thought the party was for her too.

Madi grabbed an empty bag that I had and sat down to collect Valentine's too.  She cracks me up; she's not stupid!

Emily's Valentine's that she handed out to her friends.

Pajama Day

No single photo this day; just a twinsie photo.

Weekend Wrap Up

We started the weekend off with a dance class for Emily.  I was contacted by Fergie's Freestyle Dance Studio that they were having a grand opening with free dance classes this weekend so of course we jumped on checking it out.  Emily had a lot of fun but we will not be going back.
After class Emily helped me at my office and then we stopped by Donut Fantasy which we've been dying to try forever.  The first time we went by was on a Sunday and they were closed.  Other than being closed on Sundays I would give this place two thumbs up.  They have a great selection and they are gourmet flavors.  Most of the selection is consistent but they always add a few to the mix which rotate.  One of the flavors they were trying this week was squirmy wormy and that is what Emily wanted.  I got the Butterfinger donut and I grabbed a plain Maple bar for Kevin and sprinkled donut holes for Madi.  Everyone enjoyed their sweet treats.
The rest of the weekend I spent mostly working.  During part of my work time the girls got to spend time with their cousins and they can never get enough cousin time:)
Here's to a productive week!

Blossom Trail 2016

This last week my mom, the girls, and I took our annual Blossom Trail ride.  We actually hit the blossoms right this year but other than that the day was pretty much a bust.  Madison was in a terrible mood so we didn't get to stop as often as I wanted or get the pics I dreamed of.  Then when we got to Schoolhouse they wouldn't serve us on the patio and were extremely rude to us.  Needless to say we left without dining there.  I can't tell you how upset I was about this.  It's part of our tradition and eating outside on the patio on a beautiful day is the total point of us driving all that way.
At the beginning of our day we did stop at Simonian Farms which is also part of our tradition and we did really enjoy our quick stop there.  We picked up some fresh oranges and the girls loved exploring the grounds and seeing the antique tractors.

If you live in the Central Valley you absolutely must check out the Blossom Trail.  It's a free ride (except the gas) and such a gorgeous way to spend a day.

Panning for Gold

Standing next to a Sequoia at Simonian Farms

Along 180 the wildflowers were abundant.  We stopped to take in the beauty.