Last Minute Healthy Halloween Food & Drink

Are you off to a party soon but have no idea what to take?  I have some simple ideas for you that look fun but are also healthy options.  We're all going to have enough junk by the end of the night so some healthier options are necessary.

1. Jack-o-Lantern Veggie Platter 
Carrots, Olives, Mini Pepper, Broccoli, Cucumber

Arrange veggies in the shape of a pumpkin and make jack-o-lantern face.  Serve with dip.

2. Witches Broom Sticks 
Pretzel Sticks,  String Cheese & Green Onion

Cut string cheese in half and then cut slices in one end of the cheese to look like a broom.  Stick a pretzel stick in the other end. Tie Green Onion around string cheese.

3. Monster Bites 
Apples, Peanut Butter & Marshmallows

Cut an apple into slices, put peanut butter on top of one slice.  Place mini marshmallows on the peanut butter, top with another apple slice.

4. Vampire Drink 
Sprite, Liquid Kool-Aid, Ice & Vampire Teeth

Fill a cup with ice and Sprite.  Squirt red Kool-Aid into drink and top with vampire teeth.

Taking Your Dresses Into Fall

I feel so lucky to live in an area that almost always has Indian Summers.  Typically the month of October is still warm and you can wear some of your summer pieces all the way thru this month.  The mornings are definitely cooler so it just takes some layers to transition a summer dress into the fall.  One of my favorite parts of fall fashion is layers.  They add dimension are interest and can work with you thru the day as the temperature changes.  To start the day I add a vest and scarf to a dress to keep the chill off.  As the temperate rises the layers can come off, whether I lose the scarf or the vest.

Like I've mentioned recently not only do I like my wardrobe to transition between seasons but also to transition within my day.  This is one of those looks that can do just that.  I need to look professional enough for my work as a Realtor but I also need a look that works as a busy mom.  An outfit like this is professional, stylish, but comfortable and easy.  Sometimes if I know I'm done with work but don't have time to change I can just switch out the shoes.

My go-to bag these days is my Gigi New York Crossbody.  A crossbody bag makes life so much easier; it gives me both hands to work, shop...or let's be real, grab two running children.
Not only is it super functional but it's one of my favorite colors, the python texture is to die for, and the tassel is on point.

My dress is from Cupshe where I can find the most fashionable finds at the most reasonable prices.  Right now they have a sweepstakes and Halloween sale going on so you should check out their site.  You can click on the banner to start shopping.

Sweepstakes! Free Gift Available! Various free gifts for your choice!

This post is sponsored by Gigi New York.  As always all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

Friday Favorites 10/28

Happy Friday!!!!  Whoa it's Halloween weekend and we have tons of fun planned.  But, I have anxiety that it's basically November.  We're totally in the Holidays and I'm not quite ready.
Have a safe and Happy Halloween and I hope you enjoy my favorites from this past week.

I'm a dress girl by nature and as jumpsuits were coming back in style I was staying away.  That is until I found this sexy and sleek jumpsuit.  It is the most comfortable yet unique and stylish number I think I've ever snagged.  I say snagged because I found this at my local TJ Maxx.  It has ruffle details around the front and back as well as a cut out back which amps up this look completely.  It's a light material which makes this perfect for fall because you have a bit more coverage than a dress but it's not too heavy.  The look has enough detail that I didn't have to add to many accessories. I've paired it with simple diamond studs and my go-to arm bling.

This outfit is perfect for an evening birthday party or a wedding.  In fact my girlfriend borrowed it for a birthday party and it was spot on.  It was so amazing on her I won't even show you a photo because then you'll start wondering why I ever wore it, lol!
I love that the jumpsuit is all black which makes it sexy and classy.  With the extra details, a color isn't needed.  Of course black is every girl's best friend because it makes you look taller and slimmer.  Who doesn't want that?!?!

Middle of Somewhere
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I was invited to attend Cirque du Soleil's TORUK The First Flight last night at The Save Mart Center.  I love when shows come to Fresno because it doesn't happen too often.  I've seen several Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas and I've enjoyed all of them so I was thrilled to see TORUK.
TORUK is inspired by James Cameron's Avatar, which is the only Cirque show inspired by a movie.  The show is set 1000 years prior to Avatar and before any humans set foot on Pandora.  The Na'vi people are in danger from a natural catastrophe.  Two brothers along with a new friend take matters into their own hands to save the Tree of Souls and save their people.
The show is incredibly visually stimulating, stunning and gorgeous.  The colors were beautiful, the music mesmerizing, the puppetry innovative, and acrobatics unbelievable.  There are several shows this weekend: tonight at 7:30 pm, Saturday at 4:00 and 8:00 pm, and Sunday at 1:00 and 5:00 pm. 
If you live in the Central Valley you should definitely check out the show.  You will be taken to another world and will totally enjoy it.

You can purchase tickets HERE

I recently was included in an article in The Sacramento Bee and The Fresno Bee about The Do's and Dont's of Holiday Entertaining.  You can see the article HERE.

My mom bought the girls a Haunted House to build like a Gingerbread House so we put it together this week.  The girls had so much fun being creative and silly.

I'm so excited that my all time BFF finally hit 30.  I don't like being in the 30's club without her, lol!!!!  This last weekend she had an 80's bash at her house that was so much fun.  We ate amazing Mexican food, played 80's Power Hour, and danced the night away.
Cheers to you Gina and here's to an amazing decade.  Let's tackle a 40 before 40 list together!

Emily had crazy hair day at school so we went with a Halloween theme.  She was so excited and proud of her do.

This monkey loves The Little Gym and I love our one-on-one time together.

This is just to give you a good laugh...

Work Wear You Can Wear All Day

"Never look back, except for an occasional glance, look ahead and plan for the future."

I typically share my fun and casual looks with you but recently I've been trying to share my work wear as well.  As a Realtor I need a professional wardrobe but I like pieces that can transition throughout my day.  When you hear about transitional pieces you're typically hearing about items that transition from one season to another.  In this case, I'm talking about pieces that can transition between being a professional and being a mom.  I need a look that is professional yet comfortable and easy to wear.  I've made the mistake too many times of wearing something that I then have to change and then change back into outfit number 1; that's too much work.  I may rotate between "roles" several times a day so I can't change outfits that often.  I work at my home office, my off site office, show houses and play mom all in between so the outfit has got to roll with all that.

This textured fit-and-flare cap sleeve dress is ideal for me because it's appropriate for my work but it's so comfortable.  It's also one of my favorite fall colors.  I'll like to call it wine, Merlot, burgundy, sometimes eggplant but Banana Republic Factory is calling it Black Rose; I might have to steal that one because it sounds so exotic and romantic.  I've kept the styling very simple which I typically do for work because it's timeless and classy.  Simple nude patent pumps, my go-to arm candy, a round rhinestone necklace and diamond stud earrings.

Picnics at Work

I know my days are numbered for wearing dresses so I'm squeezing them all in while I can.
This print could be straight from the picnic I had with my girls last week but I'm owning it and loving it.  The print and the cut of the dress make it easy and comfortable but pairing it with the right accessories make it work wearable.  I'm always looking for pieces that transition with my day.  Everyone talks about transitional pieces but they are only referring to transitioning between seasons.  I love pieces that move form one season to another and work with me throughout my crazy days and not against me.

As a Realtor I work out in the field, in my office and from home so I don't like pieces that are uncomfortable and constricting because I don't have time to change several times a day.
I've made that mistake before where I put on a work outfit, change for school pickup and running errands, and then back to work outfit to show houses in the evening.  That's too much work so a look that transitions through my day is ideal.  This dress hits all the requirements of transitioning in both forms.  I've added a jean jacket to it for a cooler morning and it's so comfortable so I can play mom in it as well.  A quick change of the shoes makes it all possible.

This print makes me swoon- it's an oversized buffalo check.  It creates so much more interest than a solid color.  A print is a subtle way to add personality to your look.  To make it appropriate for work I've added a black suede pump, a large rhinestone necklace, and my traditional arm candy.  If you wanted to add a pop of color I would suggest doing that with a clutch.

My exact dress is currently unavailable but here is a similar look: