Vintage Days

On Sunday, when the weather was finally nice, we went to Vintage Days at Fresno State.  I've been going for years but this was the first year we went as a family.  It was such a fun day.  I love that we have this in our community every year.  We walked all the booths, ate corn dogs and ice cream (highlight of my day btw), and spent lots of time in the kids section.  For $5 you got a wrist band that you could use at the petting zoo, pony rides, bounce houses, inflatable slide, and craft corner.  What a deal that was.  Emily loved it all.  She amazes me that she has no fear.  She climbed the slide and went down, and jumped in the bounce house all by herself.  This was the first time she had done either of these things.

Can't wait for next year:)

Book Worm

I haven't blogged about books that I've been reading so I'm doing one post with a few recent selections. 

Deeper Than Dead and Secrets to the Grave are a microseries.  They are both thrillers and I LOVE a good mystery book.  Book 1 is set in a small town in California in 1985 (the year I was born).  Four school children stumble about a partially buried murdered body in the woods behind their school.  The story is about discovering the murderer, the four children's lives that found the body, the children's school teacher, and the detective trying to solve the crime.  Twists and turns keep the book a page turner.
Book 2 is about the brutal murder of Marissa Fordham in the same sleepy town just a short time after the first horrific murder that shook the town.  The same detective tries to solve this crime as well.  Again this has surprises that keep you on the edge of your page.
I would recommend these two books. 

The Guest List by Fern Michaels is also a mystery.  The story revolves around two young girls whose parents died when they were very young.  A family member takes them after their parents death but sends one daughter to boarding school because of her terribly fool behavior.  When both girls grow up they reunite and start to uncover questions about their parents deaths.  They start to think they were murdered and other murders make the story more interesting.  It's not until the end that the girls discover who really killed their parents.

The Marriage Game, is also by Fern Michaels but not as good as The Guest List.  This book seemed a bit far fetched to me.  
Samantha Rainford is the main character in the book.  She returns from her honeymoon to find divorce papers.  Devastated she joins the FBI academy to escape but "washes out."  While in the academy she investigates her ex-husband and finds he was married 4 times before her.  She contacts these women and during their first meeting a man basically kidnaps them and says they are being recruited for a top-secret private special-ops training camp.  They agree to literally leave their lives behind, disapper from reality, and train for this secret agency.  The book follows their training and what happens to them when they graduate after 1 year.
Not too sure I would recommend this one.

The Fault in our Stars is about a teenage girl who has cancer.  Her life is monotonous and sad until she meets Augustus Waters in her support group.  The story follows them as their love develops and then reality hits when cancer a serious reality.  This book has been turned into a movie and I can't wait to see it.

I just finished Wonder which is about a young boy who has an extremely deformed face from a genetic mutation.  The plot is about Auggie going to school for the first time in 5th grade, about the transition from home schooling to traditional school, and friendship.  I really enjoyed this book and it's overall message of kindness.  "Be more kind than necessary!"

Unlike my other fictional reads, Stocks, Bonds, & Soccer Moms is like a self help book for moms who are juggling work, family, kids, finances, marriage, etc.  This is a quick and easy read that really gets you thinking about your life and the balance that is needed.  Some of the topics include: Putting romance back in your marriage, setting boundaries, letting go of being perfect (super hard for me!!!!), the Supermom myth, asking for help, getting your finances in order, and more.  I can't tell you how much I recommend this book for any mom or mom to be!!!!!  I'm even thinking about starting a group inspired by this book.

Hop On Over

On Saturday we hosted Easter at our house for Kevin's Family.  We always celebrate Easter at our house on Saturday with Kevin's family so it can be a full day of fun without everyone having to rush to church and other family events.  We have lunch, hunt easter eggs, and play together.

Emily and Tinsley had a minute head start on the hunt and the eggs spread on the grass were exclusively theirs.  The bigger kids were so great about following these rules.  Emily was totally into it and had it down.  Tinsley did great too!  

Thanks to everyone for coming over and helping out.

Peeps in the Grass Cupcakes that I made

I think Emily was trying to tickle Tinsley here.

Tinsley didn't like Emily to put her arm around her.

My daughter's new thing is to be a total pain during pictures.  She doesn't want to smile!

Rascally Rabbits!!!

The silver egg (filled with money)!!

Emily trying to help Tinsley by holding her basket.

Tinsley opened an egg...

Emily dives for the candy...

Emily eats the candy...

Round Two!!!

Again with being stubborn; please look at this sassy face!!!!

Easter basket from Grandma

Emily eating her first Peep.

Emily playing with her chalk from Auntie Pammy, Uncle Mike, and Tinsley.  She loved drawing with her new chalk.

Emily putting her loot from the Easter Egg Hunt in her piggy bank.