One Upon A Time

Last weekend we had Madison's first birthday party at our house themed, "One Upon a Time."  No I didn't spell this wrong, once is changed to one because it was her first birthday.  It was a fairytale theme decorated in pink and gold.  We had our closest family and friends join us and it was a great day.  The weather was beautiful and everything turned out great.  The only problem was Madi was fussy and I didn't get one photo of her in her birthday outfit.
We had appetizers, pulled pork sandwiches, macaroni salad, fruit salad, baked beans and chips.  For dessert we had birthday cake, rice crispy treat fairy wands, and 1 sugar cookies.  Thank you Grandma Jill for making the fruit salad and thank you Voa Voa for making the fairy wands and cookies.  For entertainment we had a princess bounce house, the swing set, and our water table.  All were a hit!
Just like on Madi's birthday night, baby girl loved her smash cake.  Again we had to take it away to avoid an overload of sugar.
Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us and made Madison's 1st birthday so special and memorable.

I painted the highchair, made the fabric banner and party hat.

"It's not easy being a princess, but if the crown fits."

Kid's table

Favor Table- Every kid got to pick out a fairytale book and take a bookmark that I made.  They also got to take home a 1 cookie.

Bookmarks said, "Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all. Love, Madison"

"For my storybook friends take a book and bookmark home."

Dessert Table- I made the cake topper, banner, and fabric banner.

Princess Cake, Fairy Wand Rice Crispy Treats, Favor Cookies

My Goddaughter Tinsley and Emily

The hat didn't even last two full seconds

She wanted to grab the candle so badly.

She was signing "more."

Feeding daddy.

Frosting in the hair!

Cousin Julia

Madison with Voa Voa and her Great Great Aunt Lillian.

Bella and Emily

"What's in this bag?!?!"

The fireplace might be more exciting than the presents.

After the party we had some more fun in the bounce house.

Madi loved it!!!