Madison's Sip and See

Saturday afternoon we had a Sip and See at our house for friends and family to come meet baby Madi.  It was such a fun afternoon!  It was a "Got Milk" theme in black, white, and pink.  My mom and I had lots of fun decorating for the party.  Thanks to everyone who came to see Madi and shower us with love.

As usual, I'm really lacking in the photo department once the party gets started.  But here are a few of Madi's guests:

Madi 1 Month

Madi is one month old!!!  She weighs 7 lbs, 10 oz. and is 20.75" long.  Last week she started smiling for real (not just gas) and cooing just a little bit.  We are on a 3 hour schedule during the day and she'll sleep 2.5-4.5 hours at night.  She likes her bath time but hates getting out.  She does good with tummy time most of the time.
She loves to cuddle and wants to be held all the time; but with a bigger sister that wants attention that is quite difficult.  Needless to say she is crying a lot of the time.  She can not self soothe and has a really hard time falling asleep in the day time.  
She was exclusively breastfed until a couple of days ago.  At her 1 month appointment her doctor thought she was underweight so I'm pumping and giving her bottles now for a few days so I can monitor how much she is getting.
Happy 1 Month Baby Girl!

Thanks Auntie Pammy for my monthly stickers!

Father's Day 2014

I made Kevin breakfast on Father's Day and we hung out at home in the morning. For lunch we ate at the food trucks at Bella Fruta on Shepherd and Willow. We had some fresh fruit from the stand and good Mexican Food from one of the trucks. Kevin topped his lunch with a FSU ice cream cookie sandwich and I had Hawaiian Shave Ice from Leilani's down the street. Both were pretty delish! After our food filled morn we swam at Kevin's moms house and relaxed by the pool. We finished our day with a fun BBQ with his family. 
Emily, Madi and I made Kevin a canvas print for Father's Day and I interviewed Em asking her about her daddy. I first asked the questions and wrote them down. I then decided to record her while asking the questions. She only changed one answer. It was super cute!!

Close My Eyes

Over the weekend I finished reading Close My Eyes by Sophie Mckenzie. This is about a woman, Gen Loxley, whose world crashes around her when a stranger tells her that her still born baby was actually born alive eight years ago and that her husband knew about it. Gen goes on a mystery hunt to discover if her baby was born alive. She begins to question everyone in her life and struggles with pieces she uncovers along the way. This is a fun book to read and I would recommend it. 

Lights, Camera, PINC

Last night was our 6th annual PINC party benefitting Transitions Children Services. 
I went just for a very short time because I had to get home to feed Madi. Everything looked fabulous and the food stations were great! Great job PINC girls on throwing an awesome event. 
Wish I could have stayed to PARTY!