Peace Out Single Digits- Fun 70's Birthday Party Theme

Planning and throwing a party is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  But to be honest I was so stressed about this party.  Emily begged for months to host her first slumber party but we only had one little problem.  Our home was still under construction!  I tried to convince her of letting it go but she wouldn't let up.  I finally agreed but was so concerned about throwing this party.  The idea of a slumber party was daunting on its own, hello 13 tweens under my roof.  But hosting while under construction was another level.

Halloween Family & Sibling Costumes

I live for sibling costumes but I fear my days are numbered on getting my oldest to agree.  Insert tears and tissues!!! It's hard to find cute and unique sibling/family costumes.  I'm always looking for new ideas and thought others might be as well so I thought I would share our past costumes.  One of my favorites was this Race Car Driver and Pit Crew.  The girls and I were part of Jack's pit crew which was unique and so adorable!  

I typically hate store bought costumes so I either have something made or I buy clothes that can fit the theme.  For this set I bought a traditional costume for Jack and then traditional clothes for the girls.

Halloween 2021

I live for a family costume and this year the theme was "sports". Jack was a momo rider and the girls and I were his cheerleaders.  This year I asked Emily what she wanted to be and she said a cheerleader.  I then based everything around that to make a family costume work.