Halloween Crafts & Treats

I'm a lover of all holidays and I'm always talking about how much I live for traditions.  To this day I remember traditions from my childhood and I just love creating new ones with my kids.  I hope they carry some of them on with their families.  One of our greatest traditions is making treats and enjoying them during a movie night.  Especially this time of year we love camping out in front of the tv and enjoying food and family.

A "charcuterie" board always make food that much more fun so I've been having fun creating different Halloween boards.  My first Halloween Treat Board consisted of mandarin pumpkins, candy corn & pumpkins, Halloween Oreo's, Moose Track Ice Cream, and Spooky Spider Popcorn.

Making the popcorn couldn't be any easier.  You can pop popcorn or you can do what I did and just buy Skinny Pop and then melt orange chocolate and drizzle on top.  I added Halloween sprinkles and set in the fridge for an hour.  In the meantime I made the spider plate for the popcorn which consists of cutting black pipe cleaners to the desired length and hot glueing to the bottom of a black paper plate.  Then 3/4 of the way down the pipe cleaner you bend at a 45 degree angle.  Lastly, hot glue googly eyes to the top of the plate. 

To make the mandarin pumpkins you peel a mandarin and then slice a very small piece of celery and insert in the top.  Plain ice cream isn't nearly as fun as ice cream with sprinkles so sprinkles were added to the top.  I put it all together on a board and let the fun begin!

Growing up TWO Fast!

I can't believe our baby boy is already 2!!! Time is such a thief and what they say is so true about the days being long but the years so short.  Since Jack Jack is growing up so fast and since he's a total boy that loves cars I decided to do a Race Car Party-Growing Up TWO Fast!

Halloween Snacks, Treats and Crafts

To kickoff the season I give the kids Boo Baskets filled with books, Halloween tees and pajamas, and some festive toys.  I also made a Halloween trail mix to enjoy for snacks throughout the season.  The trail mix couldn't be easier to make; you just take all the ingredients and toss together.  I used pretzels, popcorn, candy corn, Rice Chex and Bugles.

I love to celebrate a holiday all "season" long with fun snacks, treats, crafts and meals.  Here are some of my favorite Halloween ideas:

A treat board just makes everything more fun!  I love creating fun treat boards for every occasion.  I sometimes make a few during each season.  They are great to take to parties but I'll even do them for a fun treat for the kids just at home.  I usually stick with certain colors or theme specific food.  In the Halloween Treat Board above I made a paper plate spider by hot glueing pipe cleaners to the back of a small dessert plate and adding googly eyes to the rim of the plate.  It was the perfect display for the sweet popcorn.  To make festive popcorn you use regular popcorn, drizzle colored melting chocolate on top and add holiday sprinkles.

I also made mandarin "pumpkins" just by peeling the mandarins and then sticking a tiny slice of apple in the top.  Ice cream with sprinkles, jack-o-lantern cookies and candy corn completed this board.