Pitter Patter

Our dear friends Pam and Mike are expecting their first baby this December.  They just had a "gender reveal party," which was so much fun.  To reveal the sex of the baby Pam and Mike bit into cake pops to find either blue or pink cake inside.  
Pam and Mike had their sonogram and the tech put the sex of the baby in a sealed envelope.  Pam took that envelope to a baker who then made the cake pops.
After a bite, they found PINK cake.  It's a GIRL!!!! 
We're so excited for Little Miss Marsh to arrive at the end of the year.
Congrats Pam and Mike on your precious bundle of joy that will be here before you know it.

This was a little something I put together for the expecting parents.
The tag reads,
"Pitter Patter
There is no sound
quite so sweet
as the pitter patter
of your little ones feet.
Congratulations on your
bundle of joy"

I included socks and shoes in a pink basket.

To see original post and to download gift tags, check out this page: Darling Doodles

Sand, Surf, and Sunshine

Last week my mom rented a condo at Pajaro Dunes for our family vacation.  When I was a little girl my grandparents, my mom, and I would go to Pajaro Dunes and now we are continuing the tradition with a new generation.  We had the BEST time!  We spent most of the time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view.  
Emily loved the sand.  She would rub her feet back and forth in it and she even sampled the sand a couple of times. 
We hope to make this an annual tradition!
Thanks mom for such a fun week.

This didn't work out so well... Our three footprints are there but we did this on the last day and it was freezing and Emily wasn't having it.  So we attempted it once and then Kevin swooped her off the beach. :( Next year will give it another shot.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

We're starting a family tradition of a summer beach getaway! My mom rented a place in Pajaro Dunes for the week.  We kicked off the week by heading to, "The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, in the warm California Sun."  Just minus the warm part.  The sun did come out late in the afternoon and it was beautiful but it was still a bit chilly.  But the weather didn't hinder the fun.  We spent the day riding all the rides and enjoying the food (my favorite part).  This was Emily's first trip to The Boardwalk and she took a ride on the Cave Adventure, The Convoy, and the historical Carousel.  She had so much fun and loved people watching in her stroller as mommy and daddy rode the big kid rides.

The Greatest Show on Earth

This last weekend we went to The Greatest Show on Earth, the circus!  Kevin, my husband, has been going with his grandmother for 25 years.  Ten years ago Kevin and his grandma started taking his niece and slowly more and more kiddos join the tradition.  This year was Emily's first circus.  Kevin was so excited to take her and this will be a family tradition for many many years.  Emily actually really loved the show.  She watched most of it and would wave her arms up and down in excitement; it was so cute!