Wedded Bliss

Last week Kevin and I celebrated 3 years of wedded bliss.  Okay not ALL bliss but he is my best friend, my partner, and the best dad.  That equals more than bliss.  We've been married for three short years but we're going on 12.5 years together.  
To celebrate we went to dinner at The Cracked Pepper which was our first time there.  We enjoyed a delicious meal and we had to try their bread pudding that we've heard so much about.  It was to die for. Thanks Mom for the gift and babysitting!

Our anniversary celebration continued when Kevin's mom, stepdad, and grandparents treated us to Tepinyaki at Edo-Ya.  This is one of our favorite spots!  
We're so blessed to have each other and a wonderful family who loves us so much.
I love you babe and can't wait for the years ahead.  I wouldn't want anybody else on this adventure with me!


My dear friend Christina's son just celebrated his first birthday.  The party was a Mickey Mouse theme and everything was so darn CUTE!  The party was at the Smittcamp's home which was a great venue.  The kids enjoyed a Merry-Go-Round, a train, horses, and a bounce house.  Emily was a bit too young to enjoy the festivities but we still had a great time.  

Daddy and His Little Girl

Table Centerpieces

Dessert Table

Emily & Carter- Emily was not having this photo!
My favorite part of a first birthday- Destroying the cake

9 Months

I can hardly believe that my little peanut is 9 months old already.  Her 9 month birthday was last week on 8/7/12 but I'm just getting to this post because I can't get the wiggle worm to cooperate.  Gone are the days where she would just lay there and smile for the picture.  I miss those days:(
Here is attempt #1:

She was soooooo mad at me for trying to take this pic.  I would hold her down and she would wiggle and that eventually led to screaming!

Attempt #2- Prime example that my little girl is growing up too fast.  She wouldn't sit for the picture, instead she decided she wanted to climb.

This is the best I could do.  Sitting was ABSOLUTELY out of the question.  She's talking however, so I captured a silly face.

Every day is new adventure and taking these photos just shows you how much that is true.  I can't believe we're just short of 3 months away from the big 1!!!!  I cherish every moment with this little peanut and can't wait for the days ahead (I just wish they would slow down and not go so fast.).

Home Sweet Home

My dear friends, John and Paige, just bought their first home.  I was so excited for them and got them a few housewarming gifts.  Here they are:

New Home Essentials Gift Basket

Picture of their first home and their first key

Corona's and a Lime Tree

 Congrats John and Paige!!! May your home be filled with lots of love and laughter.

A Gift of Sunshine

A Gift of Sunshine
I put together this gift this week for a very special person for her birthday.  It's a gift of sunshine which includes all yellow items.  The tag reads,
" A Gift of Sunshine-
For someone who always brightens the day."  
You could include anything you want but I included:
Body Mist
Body Wash
Hand Soap
Juicy Fruit
Crunch & Munch Popcorn
I finished it off with a cute yellow basket, cellophane, and ribbon.
This would also be perfect for a get well gift.