End of Year Gift Ideas

One of the girls is out of school already and the other just around the corner.  We are extra blessed with the best teachers around so they definitely deserve a token of our appreciation.  Emily had a teacher and 3 aides and unfortunately I didn't snap pics of their gifts.  For her teacher we put together a Teacher's Summer Fun Kit which included a gift certificate for wine tasting, a Uber gift certificate, her favorite restaurant gift certificate and movie tickets.  For Emily's aides we gave them a movie ticket and dinner gift card.  We did the same for Madi's two wonderful teachers and you can see pics below of how I put those together.  Lastly, Emily had two buddies that we so sweet to her this year so we put together a movie gift basket that included candy, popcorn and a movie ticket.  You can see the tags below.

End of Year Gift- Movie Gift Basket: Movie Ticket, Popcorn, Candy

End of Year Gift- Movie Gift Basket: Movie Ticket, Popcorn, Candy

End of Year Gift- Movie Gift Basket: Movie Ticket, Popcorn, Dinner Gift Card

End of Year Gift- Movie Gift Basket: Movie Ticket, Popcorn, Dinner Gift Card

End of Year Gift- Teacher Summer Fun Kit
Emily giving her teacher her gift.

Emily Graduates Kindergarten

Is it just me or does Kindergarten still sound young but First Grade sounds like it's meant for big kids?!?!  How can it be that our first baby is going into First Grade.  It's such a bittersweet feeling of joy, pride and sadness that our baby is long gone and growing up quickly.  Emily just had her Kindergarten graduation ceremony which was a sweet event.  The kids sang several songs for their guests and then received their diplomas from their teacher, principal and parish priest.  We are absolutely in love with her school and feel so blessed to be a part of its community.  

Madison's 4th Birthday

Our spicy little Madison just turned 4 and I don't know where the time went!  On the other hand I can't really remember life before her.  It's just seems like it's always been the four of us.  Madi was very prepared for her birthday and was so excited for the big event.  She's been saying for months she wanted a Cinderella birthday party and her wish is my command... Biddidi Bobbidi Boop!  

The day before her actual birthday Madi knew she was going to celebrate at school and woke up and declared, "It's my birthday week!!!!!"  If she's making these claims at 4 I can't imagine 14.  I brought treats to her class and Voa Voa brought her in her favorite lunch: Mac and Cheese.  We celebrated with her class and party #1 was done.  On her actual birthday so woke up to a special birthday breakfast with a donut cake and pink milk, Party #2.  For dinner that night the grandparents came over for pizza and ice cream, Party #3.  The big shindig was the day after her birthday at Skywalk Sports, Party #4.

Spring Cleaning

I feel like I got a late start on Spring Cleaning this year because the weather has been so bi-polar.  Friday was cold and almost felt like Winter.  It quickly is skyrocketing to the 90's and I think Summer is just around the corner and Spring will be very short this year.  When the weather gets nice it motivates me to do some deep cleaning around the house.  It's also the time of year that I accomplish things that I only tackle once a year.  

Baby Name Reveal

Before we were even married we had two names picked out: one for a girl and one for a boy.  After having two girls I was completely convinced that we would have three girls and we would never get to use our boy name.  I'm still in shock about having a boy and can't explain how blessed I feel.  We are very happy to share our little man's name with you: Jackson Jeffrey Foreman.  I love having a name picked out so early on because I feel we get to connect even more with the baby because we always refer to him by his name.  

Friday Favorites 5/25

Holy Moly May has flown by and the busy level has been through the roof!  We've had tons of fun activities, a birthday, school activities, graduation and just you know the normal life like work!  I have lots of favorite things to share with you so prepare for an overload.

Visiting Creamistry has been on my Fresno bucket list for a very long time so when we were invited to come I was super excited.  We headed over for an after school treat with grandma and got to experience the Creamistry difference.  I've never seen anything like it where your ice cream is made right in front of you as you order.  We chose our ice cream "base" of Premium but they have Organic, Vegan, Coconut or Non-Diary Sorbet.  Next we chose one of 30+ flavors and 35+ toppings.  If there are too many options for you to make up your mind you can select one of their popular designs.  Liquid Nitrogren hits the base and it freezes extremely fast.   Due to the speed there are no ice crystals and the result is a delicious, decadent and creamy ice cream.  We loved it and will definitely be going back.  

Spring into Summer

It may still be Spring technically but Emily is already out of school and we're just flat out ready for Summer fun!  To kick off Summer we went bowling with friends at the new and IMPROVED Bowlero Clovis.  The bowling alley has a fresh but retro atmosphere with the best vibe.  You can feel the energy all around coming from the new backlit lanes, high def video walls, bar and lounge area and revamped arcade.  Don't let stereotypes fool you the food at Bowlero Clovis is amazing.  We got to try several dishes along with fun drinks.  There is something for every craving and you are sure to leave satisfied.  After a light-hearted game of bowling we finished off the fun with games in the arcade.  I can never pass up Air Hockey and couldn't resist preparing our girls for college with a Beer Pong inspired game:)

Ain't No Hood Like Motherhood

So here's the real deal!  98% of photos actually look more like this than the cute smiles and I'm actually super excited to share these because this circus is just too true.  And to think we're adding to this circus!!!!

Packing Your Disney Park Bag

What you need in Your Disney Park Bag

I'm still planning away for our upcoming Disney trip and we just can't wait.  Packing for a trip like Disneyland can be so overwhelming but I've put a ton of thought into exactly what you need in the park and tested it out as well.

I am a purse girl but ditch the purse for a Disney trip and bring a backpack.  I have some tips and suggestions of what to bring into the park daily in your backpack.  Here's my list of items:

If your kids are old enough dump some of the weight on them and have them carry a backpack as well.  My girls are too young to be responsible for a bag so my husband or I will have to carry everything.  Remember to keep everything as light as possible; buy travel size items if possible.  Don't carry everything you would in your every day purse.  Keep it to the essential park items; so no Target gift cards along with 500 other coupons, cards and receipts.  The items I have listed also keep the budget in mind.  I don't want to have to buy over priced (and unhealthy) snacks every hour so I bring in snacks as well as a light lunch so we don't have to purchase a lunch for everyone every day.  Souvenirs add up very quickly and several of the items you can buy ahead of time online or at the dollar store.

If you know me I couldn't just get a generic backpack, lunchpail, etc.  I wanted everything to go together and take the Disney theme all out!  I found the cutest backpack and lunchpail from Thirty-One Gifts that are completely useable outside of a Disney trip as well.

The reusable water bottles I snagged are just to die for.  Not only are they adorable but they are super functional as well.  They are double-walled 18/8 stainless steel thermal bottle which keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours! You can grab yours from Isty Bitsy Wear.

Lastly, normal Minnie ears just weren't going to cut it.  I ordered customized ears for me and the girls to coordinate with our outfits.  I am so happy with how these turned out; they are absolutely adorable!  Snag a pair or two or three from  Shop My Mouse.

Leave these items at home:
Large Camera
Selfie Stick (Banned in the parks)
Purse & Wallet

You too can have a backpack and lunch pail from Thirty-One Gifts.  Check out my Instagram for details on how to enter.

If you still need to book your Disney vacation I recommend Get Away Today.  They have won several awards and offer discounted travel that can't be beat.  Please be careful where you buy your Disneyland tickets because not everyone is an authorized dealer.  With Get Away Today you can get $10 off any 2+ night Southern California package with my code (exclusive for my readers only) below.  On top of discounts Get Away Today offers free travel insurance and a Layaway Payment Plan.

Get Away Today is not just for hotel and park entrance but also offers discounted Character Dining which is a must for every trip.  If you're taking a long vacation and attending other So Cal parks Get Away Today offers discounts to many of those parks as well.

Be sure to check back to see all the details from our vacation which will include reviews, tips and way too many pictures.

I've made the rest of your shopping really easy for you and you can get it finished in nearly one stop shopping.  Click the links below to order most of what you will need for your Disney Park Bag:

Friday Favorites 5/4

Just like that we are in May!  Emily only has a few shorts weeks left of school and Madi is right behind her.  Where does the time go?  As per usual it was a busy month; we wouldn't have it any other way.

Emily participated in a cheer camp at school and then performed at the school rally at the end of the week.  Emily loves these types of activities but gets nervous to perform so I'm super proud of her for being brave and doing something even when she's scared.

Last call for Mother's Day shopping.  I love giving and receiving personal gifts.  Check out some of my ideas HERE.

Like I said we are on the short count down to Summer and already planning all of our activities.  If you need some help with things to do check out my post HERE.

Bump Update- 16 Weeks

16 Weeks: Baby is the size of an avocado
I Avo-can't fit in my jeans!

I don't know if it's my age, the baby's gender, or that it's my third pregnancy but boy this has been different!  I've been "growing" much faster this pregnancy even though I'm working out.  However, it's not a total shock because I'm starving 24/7 and still love my sweets more than anything.  With the girls I never had a single craving and thought maybe people made that up as an excuse, lol.  This time I do get cravings for something very specific but nothing that I wouldn't eat before.  

I continue to feel quite yucky with a sour stomach most of the time, headaches, and extreme tiredness and congestion.  It's improved from the first trimester and is manageable but I'm very ready to start feeling better.

I'm still in utter shock that baby #3 is a boy and all of us are just so excited.  It's the main topic in our household most days.  Please send all boy advice; I have no idea what to do with a boy.

I feel like I've been pregnant forever and already counting down the months.  I'll keep counting down with updates on the blog; so check back here.  Thanks to Felt Like Sharing for helping me with my bump-dates.

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are honest and my own.

Jeans & Graphic Tee

Outside of work I think I could live in jeans and a tee; they are true staples in my closet.  Lucky for me baggy shirts are in because my tummy is growing (along with other expanding areas).  I have dozens of tees in my closet and almost a dozen jeans but these are definitely my go-to pair.  The accessories also change up the look.  I believe switching the shoes and the purse can really transform an outfit.

With this extreme bi-polar weather I'm afraid we are going to go from Winter to Summer very quickly so I hope for some true Spring weather which is perfect for the jeans and tee look.