Tanner's Graduation

This last weekend we went to Tulare to celebrate my cousin's 8th grade graduation.  I can't believe he is going into high school.  I still think of him as one year old!!!  Now he towers over me:(
It was lots of fun to see family that we don't get to see often enough.

It was 103 degrees so Madi was stripped down to nothing within a few minutes.

Photo bomber Ralph!

Family Date Night

On Sunday night we went to John's Incredible Pizza for a family date night.  It was such a fun night out, just us, for junk food and fun and games.

Emily is in heaven- pizza and noo noo's

Heaven continued- Ice cream with sprinkles

Don't judge, we were swimming all afternoon- it shows!

Daddy couldn't resist riding the momo

Madi 2 Months

Last week Madi celebrated her 2 month birthday.  This little peanut is growing so fast all of a sudden.   At her 2 month appointment she weighed 9 lbs, 15 oz and was 22 inches long.  She gained over 2 pounds in a month!  She smiles a lot now and is starting to show her sweet personality.  
We are on a 2.5 hour schedule in the daytime which seems backwards but this was to get her more calories in the day in hopes that she would sleep longer at night.  Most of the time this works:)  At night she sleeps 3.5-5.5 hours.
 She's getting a bit easier but still using a swaddle, a binkie, a noise machine, and sleeping in a vibrating rock n play (Still using all those props I swore I wouldn't use, lol).  However, she's not crying as much as she was.
She's still nursing and doing much better in that department, thank goodness.

Of course I couldn't capture her big smiles in a photo:

A Circle of Wives

I just finished, A Circle of Wives by Alice LaPlante.  Dr. John Howard was found dead in a hotel room in a suspicious manor.  At his funeral, 3 wives come out of the wood work. Since John's death was suspicious the Palo Alto police start an investigation.  The story follows Samantha Adams, the lead detective and her investigation of the primary suspects,  the "circle of wives."  It's a mystery novel trying to find the murderer.  It was an easy read and a good story.

Lake Day

This last weekend we went to the lake with The Ramirez'.  It was just a relaxing day at the lake with swimming, having a picnic, and a little boating.  Emily even went tubing for the first time.  Not surprisingly she loved it!

Emily, Kiki, and I

JJ and UNC

Anthony's 30th Birthday

This last weekend we celebrated our great friend's 30th Birthday.  It was a lot of fun and his wife Gina put on a great bash!
It was a great date night (but I was pretty tired the next day from a late night).

Swim Lessons 2014

Emily took swim lessons this year at our house thru Bullfrog Swim School. I can't tell you how amazing it was to have lessons at our house, especially with a newborn. The first few lessons our pool was freezing so Emily did not like lessons. It broke my heart to see her so cold and miserable. Once we hit the 100 degree weather she loved her lessons. Her teacher said she was really impressed that she opens her eyes under water and holds her breath really long for her age. She learned octopus arms, blowing bubbles, and even to swim all on her own for a few feet. She loves jumping in. We are swimming usually twice a day now because she loves it so much. 
She's the only kid I know that says, "back up, back up!"  She wants to swim farther and asks us to back up. We've got a fish in the making. 

Learning to jump in with her clothes on in case she ever falls in.

Lake Day

I forgot to post about our lake day a week and half ago.  Emily, Kevin and I took the boat out for the first time this year to Millerton.  Emily kept saying, "This is fun!"  We went for a few short hours to drive around and swim a bit.  Emily loved it.

Weekend Fun

We had a fun weekend this past weekend.  We had an in-home date night on Friday and watched, "Ride Along," which was quite funny.
On Saturday, the girls and I went to my cousins bridal shower.  It was a beautiful shower and lots of fun.  Here are some pics from the shower:

Dede and Emily, the flower girl

A leopard high heel

On Saturday night we had Kevin's cousins 40th birthday party at Campagnia.  It was a nice "adult" night out.  

On Sunday, we went to the Marsh's to BBQ and swim.  It was such a fun afternoon and Emily loved playing with Tisnley and Bella.