Love is All You Need

I love all holidays but Valentine's is extra special because we've had a very long tradition of the 14 days of Valentine's.  My mom and I started this when I was very little.  We still have our little mailboxes that we set gifts in every day from February 1st to February 14th.  It was extra fun this year because Emily was totally into it.  It was so funny that she would get so excited when my mom came over because she knew she was bringing a present.  I hope we didn't create a spoiled little monster:)  Here are just a few of our gifts to one another:

Emily received her first painting kit.  Of course she loved it!

Homemade Strawberry Fudge

I also love decorating and dressing Emily up for the holidays.

Daddy brought his little girl her first rose!  It was precious!!!!

BTW... she wore cute outfits leading up to the day but she spilled milk all over her Valentine's Day outfit so she was in plain Jane clothes here:(

On our way to dinner. 

Yes that card says 4,425 days!!!! We've been together for quite some time now:)
For Valentine's Day Emily and I took daddy lunch at work to spend some quality time together.  Then my mom watched Miss Em and Kevin and I went to dinner at Elbow Room.  It was a delicious meal and a nice date night.  However, the old couple was home less than 1.5 hours after we left, lol!!!