Happy Birthday Kennedy

It seems like everyone's been anxiously awaiting Kennedy's arrival and she's finally here (I'm sure none as anxious as the mommy to be)! My dear friend Christina had Kennedy yesterday morning but her due date was May 26th.  Kennedy was just not ready to make her appearance.  Now that she has, she is just beautiful.  I can't get over that Christina has a light baby and I have the dark baby.  You would think we switched them!
Last fall, Christina and I found out we were due one day apart and we just couldn't get over it.  Due one day apart but the girls are 12 days apart.  Madi came early and Kennedy late.  
It was a lot of fun to share the journey with Christina.  I'm very excited to continue the journey now as we embark as mothers of two, YIKES!  Please pray for us.
Christina's first, Carter, and Emily are great friends and I'm sure our girls will be too.  Looking forward to all the play dates, where we will now be outnumbered:)

Madi's First Bath

Madi had her first bath over the weekend.  She didn't enjoy getting out of the tub but she seemed very content during her sponge bath.  Emily was my handy assistant, which she loved.

UPDATE: Final Countdown

It's been one week that we welcomed baby Madi into the world. 
After a late feeding two nights ago I was thinking how happy I was to be laying down without horrible heartburn and feeling like I had to pee every 3 minutes. Then I started thinking... wait a minute lets think about the exchanges I've made. 
I've exchanged:
Peeing 5 times a night- for nursing 5 times s night. 
Heartburn - for cramps (shrinking uterus)
Big Belly- for Flabby Belly
Sore Boobs- for engorged Boobs (worst pain ever)
Tired- for Really tired
Swollen feet- for tired feet that are a little busier now
Pregnancy brain-for post-partum mom of 2 brain
Headaches-for grogginess
Nausea-for feeling starving (side effect of nursing)

The huge exchange: 
When you're pregnant you just want it over with, when your baby arrives you never want it to end!

Loving every minute adjusting to our new family!

Gifts from Baby Madi

Madison brought Emily some gifts as an introduction and to thank her for being her big sister.  Emily was very excited to receive these from her little sister; she just lit up.  Madison got her a baby car seat and jogging stroller (huge hit), a big sister book, and a booster seat since Madison is going to take over the high chair sooner than later.

Orphan Train

I just finished Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. This book follows a teenage foster child Molly and an eldery woman, Vivian who Molly works for. Vivian was also an orphan so although the two couldn't be more different they have so much in common. You learn about both their journeys and its very interesting. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it. 
It was another book that made me think about my blessings and how lucky I am to have grown up the way I did. We surely take our luxuries for granted. 

Madison Anne Foreman


Saturday night thru the night I was having contractions and without TMI at 4:45 I called the Dr who said to go to the hospital. He said I didn't have time to shower but there was no way I was going without bring fresh. By the time we got to the hospital I wasn't having much pain and my water hadn't broke. They checked me in triage and I was dilated to 3.5. They quickly admitted me to labor and delivery. Right after I arrived someone arrived needing an emergency c section so the nurse was nice enough to grab the anestiologist and get me my epidural before had to go into the c section. I got my epidural when I was 4.5 cm and still had just minor pain. So I was very lucky to have little pain all day. 
Since my Dr had to do the c section ahead of me, he waited to break my water because he was afraid I would move to fast. I had to wait a couple of hours before my bag was ruptured for the c section to finish. That was kind of a bummer because I'm so impatient. I was actually bored. When my Dr finished he broke my water and I was dilated to 8. My contractions slowed way down so they started me on low pitosin. I then moved really quickly and was complete before you knew it. I pushed for 45 minutes and baby girl was born at 1:39 pm on May 18, 2014. She was 6 lbs., 15 oz. and 19.75 inches. 
She was born with no name and the nurses were cracking up because we were so torn. We've debated two names for months and it was killing me. We finally said we'd just have to meet her. Well as I suspected that didn't help. All babies look about the same. In addition, after delivery they tend to the baby, then we did skin to skin so I couldn't get a good look at her. Then she wasn't breathing perfectly so she and Kevin went to the nursery for just over an hour. So it was hours before I got to get a good look at her. Getting a good look wasn't the ephinany I was hoping for. The nurses were voting and family was giving their opinion. The nurse wrote the two names on the wall to see if we liked the look of one over the other. We're pathetic, I know. We even flipped a coin which did say Madison. 
The final factor was I looked up the meaning of Madison and the first website I looked at said, "gift from God," and derived from, "Matilda." Kevin's great grandmother was Matilda so this name had further significance. I also love the idea if gift from God, which of course she is. 
More than 24 hours later I can't say I'm 100% convinced but its on the birth certificate so it's final:) 
We're leaving the hospital today and baby Madison has been a very good baby so far. She's nursing far better than her sister ever did and she's quite calm. She weighed 6 lbs., 10 oz. this morning which is within normal range. My pain is fairly minimal. We're looking forward to going home but I'm a little nervous about handling a newborn and a two year old. I know it's done all the time so we'll figure it out:)
Thanks to our family and great friends who came to visit and meet Madison!

Day of Delivery

First Bath

Sisters meeting for the first time. Priceless!!!

Emily was so excited to meet Madi!!!! She was so sweet with her and wanted to love on her.  When she left the hospital she rubbed her back and said, "Bye baby sister."

First Family Photo

Hospital Visitors:

Headed Home