School Days-August

I can't believe the month of August is over already.  Emily loved her first month at Shining Star Preschool.  She already seems so much more grown up at home.  She's playing more independently and more imaginative play at home which is so cool to see (plus it gives me a break, lol).  Kevin and I had Back to School Night this last week and we just love her teachers, Miss Claudia and Miss Rebecca.  They told us about how the day is structured and all the fun things they have planned.  It's no wonder Em isn't thrilled when I come to pick her up from school:)  Her teacher's say so far she's pretty quiet but always will answer when asked and she's very obedient.  There haven't been any potty accidents (she hasn't had any at home for ages either but you never know with a new environment) and she's come home very clean.  
I know she's painted a ladybug, made a ladybug cupcake, and painted her name.  They're just starting on the alphabet, where they do one letter per week.
Can't believe how big our baby girl is; I'm so proud of how well she is doing.

Miss Claudia and Miss Rebecca- Emily was distracted of course

Emily's first homework of her life!  Putting together a quilt piece for the class quilt that has her favorite things on it.  It has a popsicle, blueberries, strawberries, a toy, the beach, a bike, a momo, and her family.

Our 5 Year Anniversary

Last weekend Kevin and celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary!  I can't believe it's been 5 years.  We met during first period the very first day of Freshman year at Bullard High.  We walked into our classroom and the teacher said we had to seat ourselves alphabetically by last name.  This was an ice breaker I suppose because we all had to talk to each other to learn each other's names.  As it worked out I sat directly behind Kevin but a boy walked over and debated that I was in his seat.  If he took the seat I was in I would move to the next row and the opposite end of the room.  I vividly remember Kevin telling the boy he was wrong, that was my seat, and to move to the next row.  He struck me as funny and he pursued me from day one.  However, he called me Amy for weeks and I was too shy to correct him.  We had a mutual friend and Kevin got my number from him eventually.  After months of talking on the phone we made it official on January 4, 2000.
So we've been together 14.5 years.  When I started my first day of high school I never thought I would marry that boy and start a family with him.  It was all in God's plan and we've really got a great life together.  We are truly blessed and I can't wait for the memories to come.

My mom watched the girls and we went up to The Vintage at Chuckchansi Resort & Casino for dinner.  It's such a nice restaurant with delicious food and you feel like you're totally out of town.  Kevin had salmon with the world's best mushrooms and I had filet with with asparagus.  We finished the night with banana's fosters, yum yum.
Thank you mom for watching the girls and for treating us to dinner!

Clovis Farmers Market

On Friday night we went to the Clovis Farmer's Market for dinner and fun.  Emily had a hot dog, which is one of her favorite items, Kevin had a corn dog and fries, and I had a huge plate of Nacho's.  Kevin then had ice cream from Fresno State and I made a huge mistake of getting Shave Iced from Glacier Bay!  It was so hot I thought shave iced sounded more refreshing but they were extremely rude and then basically served me ice.  They put a drop of juice on it so Emily and I shared $3.75 ice!  I was so mad. (Can you tell, I'm ranting).  
As we ate our treats we listened to the live band and were totally entertained by the dancing.  After grubbing, we bought some fresh fruits and veggies.  
This is such a treat for a cheap weekend activity.  It's a great place for food, fun,  and sight-seeing.

This is the first suck.  Doesn't it look like we've already sucked a lot of the juice out?  Emily sucked and sucked and barely got anything out the whole time.

Emily's First Day of Preschool

Holy Moly!!!  My baby girl is going to school!  Where did that time go?!?!  I can barely remember what life was like before Miss Emily Grace.  She has filled our life with so much love and laughter and she's already off to school.  I know I'm going to blink and be at her high school graduation.  
Emily is only two and half so we really debated sending her to preschool this fall.  I am super excited about our decision to start her this year.  She is soooooo ready!  Every single day she asks what we are doing and where we are going.  She has to be on the move.  She also loves playing with other children.  Any time she meets someone new she tells us, "Emmy's new friend."  
We've been talking about school for a couple weeks now and she acts super excited.
The second I opened her door this morning she yelled, "Emmy's ready for school!"  When we got to Shining Star, she walked right in and started playing.  We said goodbye and she didn't even notice that we actually left.  She's my daring little girl.

Emily's new backpack with her monogram.

Emily is Two!

I had to include this one just for the pose.

Madi 3 Months

Madi is 3 Months today!!! Where is the time going?!?!  She's no longer a newborn and she's getting so big.  She is turning into a little chunk and seems really long to me.  I weighed her today at home and she's 11 pounds, 14 ounces.  She's wearing 0-3 Month clothes and size 1 diapers.  
We are on a 3 hour schedule during the day (Eats at 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm, and 10 pm).  I am thrilled to say Madi has been sleeping thru the night since August 4th.  We've had a few nights since then that she wakes up but I don't feed her, she goes back to bed usually quickly.  Some how I'm still really tired but it's amazing not being up in the middle of the night.
She still is sleeping in the Rock N Play and I have no idea how we are going to break this.  She still sleeps in a swaddle but I'm working on weaning her from this.  I don't swaddle her legs in the daytime and some naps I do no swaddle.  We don't use the noise machine anymore and the binkie is down to a minimum.  So some little progress I suppose.
On July 24th Madi rolled over for the first time from her tummy to her back.  She's now does it all the time.
Madi is the sweetest baby and is smiling and laughing all the time:)  She has the sweetest disposition.  Even when she is nursing she'll stop just to smile.  She is a whole new baby now that she's on medication for acid reflux.  Poor sweet girl was in so much pain before which is now evident that she's on medicine and a whole new girl.  Her crying is down to barely anything.

Happy 3 Months Baby Girl!!!

Choo Choo to Superior Dairy

Part of my Summer Bucket List was take the train to Hanford and go to Superior Dairy.  As summer is coming to an end (many tears here) I was finally able to coordinate a quick adventure on the train.  Last Friday,  my great friends Pam and Rema joined us along with their children.  It was a fun challenge to take 3 strollers and 4 kids on the train:)  I think all the kids loved it, especially Miss Em.

Unfortunately our train down to Hanford was really late and our train coming home was on time so we didn't have much time in Hanford.  We had to jam when we got there.  We ate at a yummy Mexican cantina close to Superior Diary and us moms enjoyed some frozen margaritas.  We then scooted over to Superior Dairy and we all ordered Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.  We ordered a single scoop and it was the biggest single scoop I've ever seen.  I seriously think all us moms and kids could have split one!
Such a fun day- Thank you Pam and Rema for coming with us!!!