Tis the Season

Our favorite time of year is CHRISTMAS!!!  We love bringing our hearts back to the reason for the season, decorating the house, wearing festive clothing, going to holiday parties, and just spreading the Christmas Spirit.  

Emily had the honor of putting the star on our Christmas Tree.  Emily called this tree, "Em-e's Tree."  Our other tree was, "Mama's Tree."  She made that up on her own; it was so cute!

Jingle, the Elf arrived at our North Pole Breakfast and Emily was so excited every morning to see where Jingle landed each morning after visiting Santa.  She didn't get the concept of reporting behavior to Santa but she totally understood that he moved every day and that you couldn't touch him.  She even would give you a run down of all the spots Jingle landed.  I didn't picture all of Jingle's spots but here are a few:

Jingle driving Emily's car

Jingle trying to steal a cookie.

Jingle riding Emily's puppy that Santa's elf made her when she visited Santa Claus.

Jingle Ziplining in our Family Room

As our 25 days of Christmas, Emily got to open a new book every night of December.  Then we would read the book before bed.

Another really important activity in our household is lighting our advent wreath every night, reading from the Bible, and saying our prayers.  

Another reason I love Christmas is getting to dress Emily up in festive gear.  These aren't all her outfits but just a few:

Emily wrote a letter to Santa and mailed it at Macy's where they donate a dollar for every letter to Make A Wish Foundation.

Courtney and Madden invited us to a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party.  We enjoyed donuts, muffins, and playing with friends.  Then Emily decorated a few cookies.  These were the cookies she left out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  Thank you Courtney and Madden for inviting us; we had lots of fun!

Emily and I delivered powdered covered donuts to one of our neighbors with instructions to leave the note on their door showing they've been "snowed on" and to deliver donuts to two more neighbors.  We got "snowed on" as well.

My dear friend Christina, hosted her annual Christmas party where we played lots of games and enjoyed great company.  It was so much fun!!! Thanks girl for inviting me.

One of our best family friends, Pat invited me to her annual Five Favorite Things Christmas Party.  The food was amazing, the company was great, her decorations were phenomenal, and the exchange was lots of fun.  Thank you so much, Pat for inviting me to your fabulous party! (I hated myself in the pic that Pat and I took so that's not included here.)
My favorite item was the Popcorn from Costco that is to die for.  What can I say, I'm pregnant and a food item was my favorite thing this year:)

Hostess Gift-Another one of my favorite things-a stackable bracelet.

The items I came home with: Hand soap, journal, almonds, mercury class candle holder, Burt's Bees package, and mercery glass tree ornament.

North Pole Breakfast 2013

This past weekend I had a North Pole Breakfast to kick off the Christmas Season; my favorite time of year!  We woke up on Saturday to find that Santa sent one of his elves to come stay with us until Christmas.  He came with a story and gifts for Emily.  He even decorated our kitchen table!  Emily, Daddy, and I decided to name our Elf, Jingle.  Emily loved hearing his story and enjoyed opening her Christmas PJ's.  Jingle brought pj's because it's extra cold in the North Pole.

After Em met her new friend, all of her cousins came over to join in the fun.  Each birthday and Christmas I give them an "experience" rather than a material gift.  We always have so much fun together and this was their Christmas gift this year.  Everyone wore their Pj's and we had a sugary breakfast and made Gingerbread houses.  See below to read more details from the party.


We celebrated Thanksgiving at Kevin's sister and brother-in-laws.  They host every year and it was a lovely dinner.  Emily had a blast with her cousins as always.  
We've been very blessed this year and we had very much to be thankful for this year.  

Very slim on pics this year:

Tea For Two

Emily had small birthday party for her second birthday.  The theme was, "Tea for Two."  We hosted the tea party at our house.  The weather was absolutely beautiful so we spent time both inside and outside.  Emily had lots of fun with her friends and cousins!

The birthday girl posing:


Boy Party favors: Top hat and #2 Cookie

Girl Party Favors: Gloves, pearls, wand, and #2 Cookie

Tea for Two Banner

 The ones we love:

Par-TEA-ing around: