Paint Colors we used in our Remodel

Welcome into our "new" home!  We've been in our home for 9 years and a few years after living here we knew we wanted to do a big remodel.  A lot of the spaces weren't used efficiently and everything was very dated!  The project was a complete overhaul and we didn't have any natural design skill so we enlisted the help of Hayley from HLC Studio.  She knocked it out of the park and we are so thrilled with the finished project.

One of the most frequent questions is about the paint colors Hayley used to create a fresh, classic, warm and rich feel.  Our home was built in the 70's and so we have low ceilings by today's standards.  We also face North and so we don't get a lot of natural light into the rooms.  For those two reasons, Hayley used Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore on most of the walls, baseboards, trim and ceilings.  

A funny story was Kevin HATED the "white" when it first went on the walls.  He was beyond skeptical but Hayley was a pro at explaining her rationale.  At the time we still had concrete subfloors and of course not one item of furniture or decor.  It was literally white walls and that was it.  So it looked pretty stark at the time but Hayley explained it was necessary for the ceiling height and lack of light.  As she knew, all the other elements in the house warmed it up.  I am SUPER happy we stuck with it.

The kitchen cabinetry color is probably my favorite of all the paint colors.  I remember Hayley showing it to me next to the white walls and I wasn't sure but I trusted her expertise.  It's such a unique color because it's neutral but oh so rich and warm.  It's gorgeous to say the least!  The color is Natural Cream again by Benjamin Moore.

As a contrast there is black cabinetry throughout the main living areas.  It makes a statement and is stunning.  However, it is tough with kids just to warn anyone thinking about using black.  This is called Tricorn Black by Benjamin Moore.

The color on the mudroom cabinets is a very close second to the kitchen cabinetry.  This is Classic Grey by Benjamin Moore.  I have to say I see no grey in this color, lol.  It's another subtle but rich color that pairs beautifully with the unlacquered brass hardware.

The same color is used throughout Emily's room on the vertical panelling and baseboards.

The last paint color we used in the house is Hunter Green also by Benjamin Moore.  Yet again, this was a color that Kevin didn't like when it went up on the paneling.  A word of wisdom; don't judge a paint color in a blank room.  All the decor and furniture completely change the whole feel!  This color is so rich and I love it for Jack's room.  Jack is as big as fan as I am; he talks about his "green room" and wants a green dog to match his room.  He absolutely cracks me up.

Photographer: Ellie Koleen

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