Sand, Surf, and Sunshine

Last week my mom rented a condo at Pajaro Dunes for our family vacation.  When I was a little girl my grandparents, my mom, and I would go to Pajaro Dunes and now we are continuing the tradition with a new generation.  We had the BEST time!  We spent most of the time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view.  
Emily loved the sand.  She would rub her feet back and forth in it and she even sampled the sand a couple of times. 
We hope to make this an annual tradition!
Thanks mom for such a fun week.

This didn't work out so well... Our three footprints are there but we did this on the last day and it was freezing and Emily wasn't having it.  So we attempted it once and then Kevin swooped her off the beach. :( Next year will give it another shot.

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