Emily's 1st Birthday

You don't realize how fast time flies until you have a child.  It seems like yesterday we were in the hospital about to meet our little baby girl.  Now she is a big girl and celebrating her first birthday.  Last night we celebrated with the grandparents with pizza and cupcakes.  This was Emily's first cupcake and she wasn't too sure about it.  She was pretty cautious and didn't get really dirty.  It was so cute she kept trying to share it with each of us.

Emily is walking now but not running quite yet.  Her preferred mode of transportation is still crawling because she can zoom around.  She's a good eater, she wants to sample anything we are having.  She's finally getting into 12 month clothing, is about a size 4 in shoes, and still a size 3 in diapers.  
She is a comedian to say the least and she loves to show off when she's around other people.  Emily keeps us on our toes and laughing just about every minute.  She still loves to play peek-a-boo and give lots of big kisses.  She's a big climber so we can't leave her alone for a second.

Emily has taught me to take it one day at a time, to cherish the little moments, to cry and laugh at the same time, to let the small things go, to wake up happy every day, and to love like I couldn't ever imagine.
As I put her to bed the night before her birthday I looked at her and thought before you know it I will be celebrating her 21st birthday with her.  I tried to imprint her face into my memory as she was so small and sweet before she turned one.  
My wish for my baby girl as her life begins is that she is happy to be in her own skin, that she remembers what's important to her, that she puts her faith first, and that she's never scared to just be herself. I want her to know that God made her PERFECT, that she can do anything she sets her mind to, that God will always hold her hand, and that I will love her forever!
God bless you Emily Grace.

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  1. Oh my heart. You are both so precious and beautiful.

    I can remember holding your mother when she was just about as big as you are right now. She had to be the cutest thing God ever placed on Earth. Now she's the "Real Housewife of Fresno." My little sister... a Diva and a Mama. Tell your Mama I'm proud to be her brother and I'm proud to be your uncle too. I love you.

    Blessings for your Birthday Emily Grace.

    Uncle Rob