Choo Choo to Superior Dairy

Part of my Summer Bucket List was take the train to Hanford and go to Superior Dairy.  As summer is coming to an end (many tears here) I was finally able to coordinate a quick adventure on the train.  Last Friday,  my great friends Pam and Rema joined us along with their children.  It was a fun challenge to take 3 strollers and 4 kids on the train:)  I think all the kids loved it, especially Miss Em.

Unfortunately our train down to Hanford was really late and our train coming home was on time so we didn't have much time in Hanford.  We had to jam when we got there.  We ate at a yummy Mexican cantina close to Superior Diary and us moms enjoyed some frozen margaritas.  We then scooted over to Superior Dairy and we all ordered Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.  We ordered a single scoop and it was the biggest single scoop I've ever seen.  I seriously think all us moms and kids could have split one!
Such a fun day- Thank you Pam and Rema for coming with us!!!

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