2015 A Year In Review

I love a fresh start and I love looking back and reminiscing.  What better time than a new year to do both?  Looking back on 2015 I realize what a great year we had and how much fun we packed into 365 days!  The girls have grown so much; it's easy to miss it day by day.
This is definitely isn't everything we did in 2015 but this pretty much sums it up...

Annual Girls Trip- Shell Beach

Madi hits milestones like sitting up and crawling.

I turned 30!!!

Annual Blossom Trail Excusion

Nashville Trip


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Wiegand Wedding

Dede's Derby 30

Mother's Day

Our baby girl turns 1!

Madi's One Upon a Time Party

PINC in Wonderland

Emily's First End of the Year Program-she rocked it!

Girls LA Trip

Father's Day

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Trip

Fourth of July


Summer Sizzle

Lots of AWESOME Summer Playdates

Gilroy Gardens

Girls Trip to Vegas

First Day of Trusting Turtles

Emily's First Camping Trip

Rema's Sprinkle
Dancing With the Stars Season Premiere

Daddy's 31st Birthday

DWTS Round 2

I appeared on Central Valley Today a handful of times.

Annual Big Fresno Fair Fun

Pam's Sprinkle

Halloween-Anna and Elsa

Emily's 4th Birthday and Frozen Party


Annual North Pole Breakfast


Feeling so blessed and thankful; can't wait for what 2016 has in store.

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