The Glorious Heresies Book Review

One of my greatest joys in life is reading by the pool with a cocktail.  It's even more exciting if I get to read on vacation.  Recently I was able to sneak in some me time on a work trip and read a little bit but instead of a cocktail I enjoyed a warm cup of tea because it was a little brisk out (plus hello I was working).  Reading without any interruptions is good for my mind and soul and I wish I had more time for a good novel.  I love sharing book reviews with you so I can pass on some good reads. Unfortunately this time I do NOT have a recommendation for you.

I finally finished The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney which took me soooooo many months to finish because it was terrible.  I struggled to finish the book but I kept hoping it was going to turn around for the better.  To give the book the benefit of the doubt it was set in Ireland so much of the language and jargon was totally foreign to me.  I also hated the ending of the book which stopped abruptly without a true conclusion.

Set in a rough part of Ireland Maureen Phelan accidentally kills an intruder who sneaks into her home one evening.  The consequences of the unplanned murder are detailed through the rest of the book connecting four struggling misfits, Ryan, Tony, Georgie, and Jimmy.  Ryan is a young teen who has already dropped out of school who sells drugs.  Tony, Ryan's Father is an alcoholic widower who is failing at raising his 7 children.  Georgie is a drug-addict, prostitute who finds herself caught up with a born-again cult movement and Jimmy is a gangster who thinks he runs the dark side of the town.  I never connected with any of the characters.  The story line was slow and boring; never a twist or a turn.  

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