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This post is sponsored by Huggies Plus and Pull-Ups Plus at Costco, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Emily literally potty trained herself at 26 months and I was the one who wasn't ready.  I was dreading the novelty of going potty at every public place but Emily started asking to pee in a toilet on her own. I wasn't going to deny her once she started asking.  Needless to say potty training was so easy with her but she's always needed a diaper for naps and bedtime.  

Madi was not as easy to potty train but once I realized that every child is different and they are ready when they are ready it was simple.  I tried potty training too early with Madi and she simply wasn't ready. Potty training is definitely something that you have to do WITH your child, not something you force them to do.  She like Emily still needs a diaper to sleep but does wake up some mornings dry. Needless to say we still use Pull-Ups Plus Training Pants in our household and I don’t think they’re fun to buy. Not only does Costco offer the cheapest option for diapers but also I love the quantity you can buy at one time.  I can't stand running to the store for a pack of diapers.  The less time I spend shopping for items like diapers the better.  I'd rather spend my time doing fun activities with my family.


I wanted to share with you our nighttime routine which includes taking a bath, brushing teeth, using the restroom, picking out outfits for the next day, reading a story, saying prayers, and cuddling up in bed.  Kevin always lays with each girl once lights are off and I know that's his favorite part of the day.  If I lay with the girls too its when I ask each girl what their favorite part of the day was.  I love this special time because everyone is quiet and calm and its the perfect time to connect and cuddle.  I know one day the girls won't want us to lay with them so I'm soaking it up while I can.

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