How to Throw a Colorful St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

I was just chatting with a girlfriend about how these are the most precious years to celebrate all the holidays.  Our children are at the perfect age where they light up when the elf moves, the Easter bunny poops in the toilet or the Leprechaun leaves little footprints through the house.  I live for my girls excitement, giggles and smiles when they find a special surprise and as someone who has always loved all holidays I take advantage of any opportunity to capture these moments.  

For almost every major holiday I create a little special breakfast for my girls as a way to celebrate.  Sometimes the girls get a little gift but not always but either way they always are so elated.  I like to keep these breakfast parties simple but fun.  Kids do not care how much money you spent or how many hours you needed to prep; they just want the joy and the special attention.  I share these with you so that you can be inspired and tackle it yourself.  I promise it is easy peasy.

A rainbow and a pot of gold were my inspiration for this St. Patrick's Day Party Breakfast.  I use our Re-Play  sets for every one of little parties.  It's a one time investment and not only do we use them every day but they are perfect for any party because they add so much color and character.  I found the banner in the Dollar Spot at Target and the rest was just groceries.  If you know me you know I live for Walmart Grocery pickup so I ordered all my supplies through the app and drove up for pickup.  My list included: marshmallows, large bag of skittles (regular and wild berry), pineapple chunks, red and green grapes, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, whipping cream and Lucky Charms.  I always have pancake mix on hand as well as food coloring.

I made pancakes as usual but just added green food coloring.  I stacked up the pancakes, topped with whipping cream and sprinkled Lucky Charms on top.  I made a rainbow fruit skewer for each girl as well as a rainbow fruit bowl because my girls love fruit and I knew they would want more.  I had the milk jars on hand (find them super cheap here) and that is what I used to hold the Skittle rainbow.  I did these ahead of time when I had about 10 minutes of extra free time.  They were so simple to do but just took a few minutes to layer correctly.  The "pots of gold" were pineapple chunks topped with plastic gold coins.  The last item was green milk which is just regular milk with green food coloring.

This little monkey is too little to enjoy all the yummy fun but I can't believe next year he will be right in the mix!  

I'm always looking for new ideas so share your parties with me by tagging me on Instagram.

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