Creative and Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Quarantine started feeling like groundhog day pretty early on.  So after a few weeks I decided I was going to have to get us all out of rut.  My whole life I've lived by the motto of "Get up, dress up and show up."  I lost that right away in quarantine and so I decided I was going to have to get back to that and start my days off right and actually get ready.  It helps me to feel so much better and have the energy to tackle the day.  Another way I broke the monotony was changing up breakfast.  During regular school we had oatmeal or cereal almost everyday because the mornings were so rushed.  One of the bright sides of quarantine was not having to be out of the house by 7:45 every morning.  Since I had a bit more leisure time I decided to add some fun into breakfast to help curb the groundhog blues.

The girls were thrilled with the change of menu and started praising me for the creative breakfasts.  And let's be real there wasn't anything too special or creative.  I just changed it up but still kept things simple.  Here are a few of the favorites:


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