9 Months

I can hardly believe that my little peanut is 9 months old already.  Her 9 month birthday was last week on 8/7/12 but I'm just getting to this post because I can't get the wiggle worm to cooperate.  Gone are the days where she would just lay there and smile for the picture.  I miss those days:(
Here is attempt #1:

She was soooooo mad at me for trying to take this pic.  I would hold her down and she would wiggle and that eventually led to screaming!

Attempt #2- Prime example that my little girl is growing up too fast.  She wouldn't sit for the picture, instead she decided she wanted to climb.

This is the best I could do.  Sitting was ABSOLUTELY out of the question.  She's talking however, so I captured a silly face.

Every day is new adventure and taking these photos just shows you how much that is true.  I can't believe we're just short of 3 months away from the big 1!!!!  I cherish every moment with this little peanut and can't wait for the days ahead (I just wish they would slow down and not go so fast.).

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