North Pole Breakfast 2013

This past weekend I had a North Pole Breakfast to kick off the Christmas Season; my favorite time of year!  We woke up on Saturday to find that Santa sent one of his elves to come stay with us until Christmas.  He came with a story and gifts for Emily.  He even decorated our kitchen table!  Emily, Daddy, and I decided to name our Elf, Jingle.  Emily loved hearing his story and enjoyed opening her Christmas PJ's.  Jingle brought pj's because it's extra cold in the North Pole.

After Em met her new friend, all of her cousins came over to join in the fun.  Each birthday and Christmas I give them an "experience" rather than a material gift.  We always have so much fun together and this was their Christmas gift this year.  Everyone wore their Pj's and we had a sugary breakfast and made Gingerbread houses.  See below to read more details from the party.

Everyone received a letter from one of Santa's elves or reindeer.

Strawberry & Banana Candy Canes

Christmas Tree Waffles

The kits I made for Gingerbread Construction

Relaxing after a fun morning

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