Hop On Over

On Saturday we hosted Easter at our house for Kevin's Family.  We always celebrate Easter at our house on Saturday with Kevin's family so it can be a full day of fun without everyone having to rush to church and other family events.  We have lunch, hunt easter eggs, and play together.

Emily and Tinsley had a minute head start on the hunt and the eggs spread on the grass were exclusively theirs.  The bigger kids were so great about following these rules.  Emily was totally into it and had it down.  Tinsley did great too!  

Thanks to everyone for coming over and helping out.

Peeps in the Grass Cupcakes that I made

I think Emily was trying to tickle Tinsley here.

Tinsley didn't like Emily to put her arm around her.

My daughter's new thing is to be a total pain during pictures.  She doesn't want to smile!

Rascally Rabbits!!!

The silver egg (filled with money)!!

Emily trying to help Tinsley by holding her basket.

Tinsley opened an egg...

Emily dives for the candy...

Emily eats the candy...

Round Two!!!

Again with being stubborn; please look at this sassy face!!!!

Easter basket from Grandma

Emily eating her first Peep.

Emily playing with her chalk from Auntie Pammy, Uncle Mike, and Tinsley.  She loved drawing with her new chalk.

Emily putting her loot from the Easter Egg Hunt in her piggy bank.

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