UPDATE: Final Countdown

It's been one week that we welcomed baby Madi into the world. 
After a late feeding two nights ago I was thinking how happy I was to be laying down without horrible heartburn and feeling like I had to pee every 3 minutes. Then I started thinking... wait a minute lets think about the exchanges I've made. 
I've exchanged:
Peeing 5 times a night- for nursing 5 times s night. 
Heartburn - for cramps (shrinking uterus)
Big Belly- for Flabby Belly
Sore Boobs- for engorged Boobs (worst pain ever)
Tired- for Really tired
Swollen feet- for tired feet that are a little busier now
Pregnancy brain-for post-partum mom of 2 brain
Headaches-for grogginess
Nausea-for feeling starving (side effect of nursing)

The huge exchange: 
When you're pregnant you just want it over with, when your baby arrives you never want it to end!

Loving every minute adjusting to our new family!

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