Happy Birthday Kennedy

It seems like everyone's been anxiously awaiting Kennedy's arrival and she's finally here (I'm sure none as anxious as the mommy to be)! My dear friend Christina had Kennedy yesterday morning but her due date was May 26th.  Kennedy was just not ready to make her appearance.  Now that she has, she is just beautiful.  I can't get over that Christina has a light baby and I have the dark baby.  You would think we switched them!
Last fall, Christina and I found out we were due one day apart and we just couldn't get over it.  Due one day apart but the girls are 12 days apart.  Madi came early and Kennedy late.  
It was a lot of fun to share the journey with Christina.  I'm very excited to continue the journey now as we embark as mothers of two, YIKES!  Please pray for us.
Christina's first, Carter, and Emily are great friends and I'm sure our girls will be too.  Looking forward to all the play dates, where we will now be outnumbered:)

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