Madi 1 Month

Madi is one month old!!!  She weighs 7 lbs, 10 oz. and is 20.75" long.  Last week she started smiling for real (not just gas) and cooing just a little bit.  We are on a 3 hour schedule during the day and she'll sleep 2.5-4.5 hours at night.  She likes her bath time but hates getting out.  She does good with tummy time most of the time.
She loves to cuddle and wants to be held all the time; but with a bigger sister that wants attention that is quite difficult.  Needless to say she is crying a lot of the time.  She can not self soothe and has a really hard time falling asleep in the day time.  
She was exclusively breastfed until a couple of days ago.  At her 1 month appointment her doctor thought she was underweight so I'm pumping and giving her bottles now for a few days so I can monitor how much she is getting.
Happy 1 Month Baby Girl!

Thanks Auntie Pammy for my monthly stickers!

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