Trusting Turtles-School Days- February

In the month of February Emily's class learned the letters Mm, Pp, and Bb, reviewed numbers,  the color pink, the shape heart,  and the bible verse was, "A friend loves at all times."  Of course this month Emily had a Valentine's Party at school.  The class sang a song then got to pass out their treats to each friend.  After the exchange they had a special party lunch.
At the end of the month was Date with Dad.  Emily was so excited she woke up at 5 am to get ready.  She doesn't even get up this early for Santa!!!  Daddy took her to school which is a treat in itself.  Then they enjoyed donuts and refreshments then played basketball with her friends.

Emily filled another good behavior chart!

Madi thought the party was for her too.

Madi grabbed an empty bag that I had and sat down to collect Valentine's too.  She cracks me up; she's not stupid!

Emily's Valentine's that she handed out to her friends.

Pajama Day

No single photo this day; just a twinsie photo.

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