Blossom Trail 2016

This last week my mom, the girls, and I took our annual Blossom Trail ride.  We actually hit the blossoms right this year but other than that the day was pretty much a bust.  Madison was in a terrible mood so we didn't get to stop as often as I wanted or get the pics I dreamed of.  Then when we got to Schoolhouse they wouldn't serve us on the patio and were extremely rude to us.  Needless to say we left without dining there.  I can't tell you how upset I was about this.  It's part of our tradition and eating outside on the patio on a beautiful day is the total point of us driving all that way.
At the beginning of our day we did stop at Simonian Farms which is also part of our tradition and we did really enjoy our quick stop there.  We picked up some fresh oranges and the girls loved exploring the grounds and seeing the antique tractors.

If you live in the Central Valley you absolutely must check out the Blossom Trail.  It's a free ride (except the gas) and such a gorgeous way to spend a day.

Panning for Gold

Standing next to a Sequoia at Simonian Farms

Along 180 the wildflowers were abundant.  We stopped to take in the beauty.

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