Keep Your Head, Heels, & Standards High

I love to get dressed up.  As a busy mom I know that isn't the norm but I honestly love getting dolled up.  About 99% of the time you will find me with my hair done, makeup on, and wearing an outfit not made of spandex.  No shade to the yoga uniform at all; it's just my preference to get dressed up most days.  There are a few reasons why I love getting dressed up.  One, I firmly believe in always dating your husband.  There are so many ways I fail at this but the one way I don't is always looking good for him.  Even if I get home from work way before him I stay fully dressed so I look nice when he gets home.  Another major reason for looking fashionable is how it makes me feel.  On the days I feel like wearing the yoga uniform I usually feel different about my self.  Getting dressed up elevates my mood and outlook so it's part of the reason it's part of my routine.  We've all heard it- "Get up, dress up, show up!"  For me that's so true.  Another cliche is," Keep your head, heels, and standards high."  Yet another tag line I totally follow.
In the hot Fresno summer months where it stays over 100 degrees most of the summer it can be difficult to look cute while staying cool.  Cute and light dresses are frequently my go-to during the hot months.  This season I'm totally obsessed with floral prints and off-the-shoulder anything (like you didn't know this already).  So finding this feminine dress from PinkBlush was a total score; I did a happy dance.  Floral prints make me feel so sweet and feminine yet the off-the-shoulder dress helps spice up my attitude and make me feel just a bit sexy.
Check out how I've simply styled this look and check out their website for an endless amount of cute looks.
To make your shopping even more fun go check out my Instagram to enter a PinkBlush Giveaway.  One lucky reader will win a $50 gift card to PinkBlush.

Something I love about PinkBlush is the versatility of their clothing.  Their mission is to offer not your mother's maternity clothing but the latest fashion trends to every woman whether she has a growing bump, losing the baby weight, or just a mom who needs cute but comfortable clothing.  Their clothing is great for transitioning to post-pregnancy and even suitable for the woman who is way post-partum.  My "baby" is 2 years old and let's face it my body isn't what it was before children.  I've lost all the baby weight but it just isn't the same.  An article of clothing from PinkBlush is great for women who are in the same boat as me.  Do keep in mind PinkBlush tends to run a little on the big side.  I did have to have a few alterations to make my dress just perfect.
I also love how affordable PinkBlush dresses are.  An extra bonus is always free shipping and easy exchanges.

This dress is perfect for work, a date night, a night out on the town, or a wedding or baby shower.  I find it so versatile and easy to wear.  It's so comfortable I could even dress it down with sandals and wear it to run around.

Dress provided by PinkBlush.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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