Resolutions & Health Part 1

I'm not typically a resolutions girl.  I believe if you make a resolution just because it's the new year than you will never stick it.  For me if I want to make a change I will just commit to it regardless of the time of year.  However, using the new year as a fresh start is always nice.  I've been thinking for months and months about making a change to my morning routine.  Every morning is so chaotic no matter how much I prepare so finding some me time is a huge commitment.  But health has been on my mind a lot so I'm finally taking the plunge in starting my days differently.  I want to kickstart my mornings with light yoga, daily vitamins and a probiotic, a balanced breakfast, and a hot cup of tea (during the cold months). 

Stretching, meditating and balancing your mind and body is a great way to start the day.  It helps me to relax and focus on whats important instead of getting stressed by the hustle of the upcoming day. I'll be sharing more about my yoga routine soon.  After a light workout and getting ready I can't leave the house without food in my belly.  I'm trading in muffins and bagels for an apple with peanut butter or avocado toast for breakfast.  I am way too busy for a sickness to slow me down so being proactive about my health is a top priority.  I believe the gut is where it's at so a probiotic is essential to staying healthy.  I used to buy pills at the store but I recently found OLLY Quick Melt Probiotic Sticks.  Do you remember pixie sticks when you were a kid?  Well these taste just like those but instead of pure sugar you are getting your necessary daily dose of probiotics.  Even my kids love them; I'm pretty sure they think I'm giving them candy.  Their health is top priority for me as well so I'm thrilled to find OLLY which they take without any objections.  Another reason I love Olly over other brands is their travel convenience.  I travel frequently for work and I'm able to throw in a stick per day and take one each morning.

If you'd like to try OLLY before committing to a purchase click here for a sample.

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In Resolutions & Health Part 2 I will share how I'm finding fun in fitness and healthy food options that aren't bland or boring.

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