Educational Fun & Family Time with Number & Word Games

Is it just me or is it a struggle to find activities that promote quality family time?  We lead really hectic lives but I don't want to pick up Emily from school and pop her in front of the TV.  I'm always looking for fun activities that will keep her entertained but also develop her little mind. It's icing on the cake if it's something we can do together or as a whole family!  I wanted to share some activities with you that are educational and fun.  I have three games for you and your little ones to enjoy.  

1. Number Dash Game
2. Sight Word Bingo
3. Addition Game

Each of these games use Goldfish which are a fun way to liven up the game.  The best part is when we are all done Emily gets to gobble up the game.  Goldfish are one of her favorite snacks; she particularly likes Goldfish Color.  School is the primary place for Emily to learn but I believe as parents we have to reinforce what our children get from school.  It's also a way to bond and spend time together.  Truth be told that when I try to work with Emily at home we butt heads.  When I'm able to sneak learning into a game the process is smooth and easy so games are the way I try and reinforce what she learns at school.

The Number Dash Game can be played with one or more players.  The dash comes into play when there are 2 or more players.  Each player rolls a die and finds that number on their game board.  Once spotted you put a Goldfish there.  There are no turns, so the first player to fill up their entire board wins.  When just Emily plays she "wins" every time she completes the board.

Sight Word Bingo can also be played with one or more players.  I call out the sight words and a Goldfish marks the spot if you have it.  Emily is learning to read and sight words are super important right now so this game is timely.  If playing with two or more players the first to get blackout wins.

The last game is an Addition Game where the adult writes out two numbers (x+y= blank).  The child uses the Goldfish to solve the number sentence.


Chowing down is the best part!
Another way we love spending quality time together is with a movie night.  No movie night is complete without yummy snacks.  I made this trail mix with popcorn, Goldfish, pretzels, and chocolate candy and it was a total hit!  Five minutes into the movie the bowl was gone!  A snack that doubles as an educational tool gets two thumbs up from this mama!

Check out the video to see each game is played:

I found all of this inspiration from the Goldfish Pinterest Account.  You can find so many more ideas by checking it out for yourself (HERE).  A tip for you--- I laminated all of these games so we can use them over and over without them getting ruined.

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