Friday Favorites 4/7

Maybe I should just say I'm going to do Friday Favorites once a month because I just looked and it was the first Friday of March the last time I did a FF.  Yikes, but so is life and it's just been hectic as ever.  Since it's been awhile I have a lot to share.

Emily had her first Father Daughter Dance and it was very special.  She was busting at the seams for weeks in anticipation.  Kevin said she danced her heart out all night long.  After the dance some of the dads and girls went out for ice cream.

I shared some educational games recently that we've been enjoying.  You can see the post here and find more inspiration here.

I have been DYING to try Lipsense for awhile and I finally got my hands on it.  I was also lucky enough to grab ShadowSense and I've been trying both products out for just over a week.  I'll be sharing far more details soon but let's just say I think I'm hooked!  I'm wearing both products here:

Some of my best friends and I snuck away for a girls trip or more accurately called a mommy getaway this last week.  We stayed in West Hollywood where we shopped, ate a ton, and went to a taping of Dancing With the Stars.  It was an extremely fun 36 hours!

Jojo, the Bachelorette from a few seasons ago was at a bar we went to in West Hollywood and was kind enough to offer us a photo.  She was extremely friendly and sweet.  We also saw a few other celebrities but we didn't want to bother them while they were eating.

We went to some great places but one of the highlights from the trip was dining at Au Fudge, Jessica Biel's restaurant in LA.  The atmosphere was to die for and the food was equally delicious!

I guess we needed to tell the stranger to get the sign in the photo, lol!!!!

I did a double take when strolling through my IG feed recently.  I scroll so quickly that I had to go backwards when I saw some familiar faces.  We love Tofas!  If you catch the previews at Maya Cinemas you may or may not see these faces on the Tofas commercial.

It's honestly shocking that Kevin and I have been together for 17 years and it was only recently that he took me to the gun range.  Kevin could supply an army so it's crazy that his wife had never shot a gun before.  I loved it and since I'm really competitive I want to go back soon for more practice.  I got most of my shots in the first ring and never missed the dummy completely so Kevin was impressed.

The girls and I got to see my nieces perform at a cheer competition a few weeks ago and my girls were in heaven since they idolize Sienna and Gianna.  I hear non-stop about growing up and becoming cheer leaders too; someone help me!

Dental checkups were in order recently and Powell Pediatric Dentistry is so phenomenal.  There's no way I could say enough good things about this practice.  This time in particular was A++++.  The dental hygienist was so fabulous with Madi and had her assist so that when it was her turn she was familiar with the process.

Just because I get busier doesn't mean I care less about a clean home so I've been relying on my bObi. It's not a slam dunk but it does allow me to worry less about cleaning the floors every day.  The details are found here and it's always exciting to see our photos featured by a company.

This is pathetic that I have to report my excitement about this but I've had a Fitbit for almost two years and never once hit my weekly goal.  Gosh, isn't that so sad?!?!  Anyways, my goal is 10,000 steps per day and I've never hit the 70,000 at the end of the week.  But just recently I finally hit 70,000 and was so stinkin' excited.

Emily's Open House at school was last night and it was a joy to see her work in her classroom.  Her dear teacher also said Emily is beyond ready for Kindergarten and she's so impressed with how smart she is.  She told us something we didn't know; that she can write her numbers past 50 and likely up to 100.  This picture below is from her writing journal.  The star is there because she wrote the sentence without any assistance at all.

Her school had Dr. Seuss dress up day today and Emily went as Fox in Socks.  My mom made the ears and basically pulled the whole thing together.  Thank God for Voa Voa!  I had to share all her poses.  I told her, "Just stand still."  She responds, "What I'm just posing!"


This is a sponsored post.  As always all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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