My Mom-on-the-Go Kit

As a busy mom I make sure that I have my mom-on-the-go kit ready at all times.  You will almost always spot me with a large purse because I've got to carry around A LOT!  When I'm running around with my kids there are a few items that are must-haves.  I believe in less is more so I try to keep the kit to a minimum but these few things keep us happy (and sane).

The girls always need water so I make sure I carry around leak-proof thermos' for them.  So many cups claim to be leak-proof but they lie!!!!!  The girls are also continually starving so I always have a snack in my purse.  Don't get me wrong we have our fair share of junk and processed foods but I try my best to keep things healthy.  Fruit and veggie squeeze packs are my go-to snack because they literally are just fruits and veggies and my kids love them.  They also are convenient and you can easily throw them around with you.  The last must-have item is a new find for me that I wanted to share with you, the Kleenex Go Anywhere pack.  I used to have to carry around wipes and diapers but we are past that stage.  Even though those days are gone, messes are still an everyday occurrence. Whether its a spill, sticky fingers, or a messy face I need something quick and easy to clean up the girls.  The Kleenex Go Anywhere pack is lightweight, compact and gets the job done.

As much as I prefer shopping on my own, every now and then I take the girls because they love helping out.  It also gives them some confidence and a sense of control when they get to help pick out items, especially those that are for them.  It's hilarious but I make their day if I say we are going to Walmart... I kid you not!  Shopping with kiddos also teaches them responsibility and the value of money.  The lessons taught in practice are far better than anything we can preach.

If you're anything like me you get a thrill from saving a dollar, heck a penny!  Here's a coupon for the Kleenex Go Anywhere pack.  Also have you heard about ibotta???  I love any program that gives you cash back and I just learned about ibotta.  You check out the rebates prior to shopping and then after you shop you scan the QR code on your receipt.  If you have any matching items you get cash back. Simple, easy and free money=triple threat!  So before you head out to do your shopping download the app.

One reason I love the Kleenex Go Anywhere packs is that they are so accessible and easy to use.  The girls can help themselves when they need to without my help!  Plus my girls are crazy independent so they'd rather do everything on their own so this eliminates the power struggle and gives them some independence.

What's in your mom bag to keep you armed and ready for the day?  I'd love to hear your go-to items.

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