My Beauty Must-Have's

Once I hit my 30's I started looking for the miracle products to help prevent aging.  There are several items in my beauty routine as well as a hydra facial every two months.  I am fairly lucky in the skin department so I'm taking extra good care of my skin these days as a preventative measure.  There are some areas I'd love to improve but overall it is about prevention.  I wanted to round up some products for you that I use on my face and body.  Some are products I've used for quite awhile and others are new finds.
  Beauty Must-Haves

Morning routine:

Evening Routine:

2. Nion Beauty Opus Body
3. Opus Renew (Once a week)

I'm always looking for the next best skin care item so if you have any favorites please let me know!

Starting with a clean palette is my first tip.  Clean skin is a must!  I've switched from a Clarisonic to Nion Beauty's Opus Express; there is no comparison between the two.  Nion Beauty uses silicone with Tourmaline and silver which makes their products non-toxic, extremely durable, soft, and antibacterial.  Because they are so durable you won't ever need replacement heads; their products can last approximately 10 years.  The S-ion technology purifies the skin and boosts blood circulation which gives you a glow.  Most cleansing devices use friction which can be harmful whereas Nion Beauty uses a Kinetic Skin Cleansing system.  This system uses vibrations to loosen the dirt without stripping away naturally occurring oils.  It felt so good on my skin; it was light and gentle, like a mini tingling massage.

I think there is a huge focus on anti-aging for the face but the body is rarely mentioned.  Nion Beauty's Opus Body grants you glowing skin from head to toe.  Just like the Opus Express the Opus Body has a silicone body brush that features S-ion Technology and Kinetic Skin Cleansing design. The Opus Body not only cleans but also prevents skin's aging.  You recharge the Opus Body with a USB plug but it's shower and bathtub safe.

What mom doesn't need a little de-puffing around the eyes every morning?!?!  ImpishEyes contains caffeine, cucumber, CoQ10, peptides, and white tea to help us ladies with our dark circles and bags under our eyes.  This product I use every morning.

It's hard for me to find a good lotion.  I love a thick, creamy lotion and so many are thin and not very hydrating if you ask me.  Cheers, My Dears from Perfectly Posh does have a great consistency but the pomegranate scent wasn't my favorite.

About once a week I use Opus Renew for dark circles.  These are supercharged with negative ions and increase blood flow to treat dark circles and imperfections.  You can cut them to fit but I just figured covering more area couldn't hurt.  After use you gently wash with warm water and mild soap and store for multiple uses.  With my first use I felt like the skin tightened more than the darkness faded.

I wore lash extensions for a couple of years and was so tired of the upkeep let alone cost.  When I learned about Lash Boost from Rodan+Fields I knew I had to take the plunge and give it a try.  It was difficult to go naked but I sure don't miss the hours of application for the extensions.  I'm seeing results and as soon as I have full growth I will share the before and after photos.

I can't think of many superior ways to unwind after a long day than a bubble bath.  Like I mentioned, during my nightly routine I use the Nion Beauty Opus Express and Body both of which make me feel clean and relaxed. 

Products received in exchange for this post.  As always all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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