The Child Finder: Book Review

During the Winter there's nothing more relaxing than a good book and hot a bath.  In the Summer my favorite pastime is reading by the pool (with a cocktail but that's on hold this Summer).  I'm so happy I've found my way back to books and I have another one to share with you: The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld.  A five year old girl went missing in the forest while looking for a Christmas tree to cut down with her parents several years ago.  Three years later Madison's parents have found Naomi, a private investigator who has become known as the child finder.  She exclusively takes missing children cases and searches tirelessly until she has an answer.  The story is told between the rotating voices of Madison and Naomi and we find that Naomi's past is pretty dark.  She was a missing child herself and can't remember her early years.  As Naomi uncovers the truth about Madison's case more and more memories surface about her past.  Will Naomi find Madison and will she learn the truth about her own past?

I recommend this quick read that draws you in.  I thought some questions were left unanswered about Naomi but still worth the read.  I'd also like to note that parts of the book are very hard to read.  As a mother to a little one (named Madison no less) it hit very close to home and was difficult to stomach.

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  1. The story is almost gentle; no horrific, tortured children missing and then found. She gives gentle advice to parents, urging them to think of their marriage. She keeps in loose contact with children she has found, reminding them to not forget their ordeals and instead embracing the strength that kept them going.

    Believe it, deliverance in Jesus Christ's name