Christmas 2018

We had a very blessed Christmas filled with lots of family time which was the best gift of all.  Scrolling through our pictures and I realize my Buffalo Plaid obsession is through the roof!  But you won't find me apologizing; I love it that much.  I handed Kevin his shirt before Christmas and told him it was to wear on Christmas Day.  He said he liked it a lot and then I told him we all had one.  Then I just got a look like, "Oh great, seriously we've become that family?!?!"  I laughed but again no apologies. 

We celebrated with Kevin's dad a couple of weeks before Christmas and opened presents with my mom the Sunday before hand.  We kept our usual tradition of Christmas Eve mass and then dinner and presents with Kevin's grandma.  Christmas morning was magical, the girls hit the Santa jackpot.  I love seeing life thru their eyes and Christmas was especially joyous.  After opening gifts we headed to Kevin's mom for breakfast and more presents and then some relaxing and spending quality time together.

I hope that everyone had a blessed Christmas filled with love and laughter.

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