How to Throw a Sweet Bunny Brunch for Easter

My girls anticipate their holiday breakfast at this point and they get so excited about them.  I like to make holidays just a bit extra special because they are only little for so long and one day they will care less about the magic of holidays.  These breakfasts that I put together don't take a lot of money or effort so I want to share them with you in case you've ever thought about doing one yourself.  Creating memories isn't about being over the top, it's just about be present and making your little ones feel special.
On Easter morning the Easter bunny pooped in our toilet and mom and dad left a scavenger hunt for the girls which led to a present.  After gifts the girls got to enjoy their Bunny Brunch which included Bunny Bottom Pancakes and Bunny Tails (Marshmallows) with pink milk.  I found the adorable printables for the scavenger hunt HERE on Pinterest.  They are Christ centered and very easy to execute.  To make the bunny bottom pancakes I just make regular pancakes and then two small feet (basically a small oval).  I add whip cream for the tail, a slice of banana and 3 chocolate chips for each foot.  I use mini marshmallows in a bowl and call them bunny tails.  I use our Re-Play tableware for all of our holiday breakfasts because they add the right pop of color that I need.  I cut ovals out of paint samples to make the garland and the chalkboard I found at Target in the Dollar Spot.

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