New Baby Must-Have Items & What's Worth the Money

Before Jack Jack was born I rounded up all the items I got to prepare for him but now that he is over six months old I've had a good amount of time to really use all our baby products and I wanted to share my honest thoughts with you.  Some of the items are home runs, some are average and others I would cut off the list.  Preparing for a baby can be very expensive so I hope to save you some money if they just aren't worth it.

Newborn Essentials Review-DockATot and Swaddle Sets

The DockATot is great for moving around the house and having a spot for Jackson no matter where I am or what I'm doing.  It's great for both back laying and tummy time before baby is rolling over.  We didn't use it for sleeping the first 4 months because Jackson needed to be inclined so we lived in the RockNPlay.  However, as I was trying to transition him from RockNPlay to crib it was amazing because it still gave him a cuddled feeling.

When Jackson was a newborn we loved swaddle sets from Khloe & Kinley.  Once he needed a snug fit (then we used The Ollie) we used the swaddle blankets just as blankets.  The material is a great quality and they are just too cute.

Newborn Essentials Review- Wildbird sling carrier

I really wanted the WildBird carrier to work because Jackson wants to be held all the time however I can't get it right.  Jackson just seems too heavy and big for it so it kills my neck and he doesn't seem secure or comfortable.  To be totally honest this could be user error more than anything.

Once I determined the Wildbird wasn't working for me I gave the Boppy Carrier a try.  It disperses the weight evenly so it was more comfortable for me.  You can face the baby in or out and Jack did seem to enjoy it.  However, at the end of the day when you're 5'1" and your baby weighs 1/5 of your own weight carrying a baby isn't super easy.

Newborn Essentials Review- Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

I love using the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock.  I'm just too weak and too short to lug around the baby carrier and then place it on the shopping cart and see over it.   I didn't have one with the girls and keeping them in the car seat was always such a hassle.  I love how light weight the Binxy Baby is; I just roll it up and keep it in my car so that it's there when I need it.  Jackson loves it and it gives me so much more room in my cart.  FYI it doesn't work on every cart but most of them.

My Backpack diaper bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom has pros and cons.  It's extremely light weight which I love and so easy to carry (hands-free).  However, I find the main pocket too small and the bottom section, which is insulated, too big.  I don't carry that many items that need to be cooled but have several items like diapers, wipes, changing pad, change of clothes, etc. and so I find that I need more room in the upper storage compartment.

Newborn Essentials Review-Stroller, Carseat & Carseat Cover

Our stroller from Phil & Teds also has its pros and cons because it glides easily and is fairly light weight but it's a bit awkward to collapse and set back up.  My biggest complaint is the hood.  I have to move it every two seconds to keep him shaded.  It's not nearly big enough to keep him protected.  I HATE the car seat from Phil & Teds.  It does not adjust for anything and Jackson screams every single time I have to strap him in which I don't blame him.  We've tried changing the straps to different spots but no matter what we do it's so hard to strap in the baby.  I eventually had to switch to another car seat and instantly Jackson preferred it.

I'm very much in love with my Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss 4 in 1 Multi Cover.  It is so convenient and easy to use as a car seat cover.  I don't love it as a nursing cover because it clings to you and baby so I feel like I need two more hands to manipulate the cover and hold the baby and get him latched.

Newborn Essentials Review-Ollie World Velcro Swaddle

We absolutely could not have lived without The Ollie World swaddle.  Jack Jack napped and slept in it and it made the world of difference in his sleep.  It is so easy to use; totally fool proof and kept him more secure than any other swaddle.  You can read more about why I love The Ollie so much and also tips for getting your baby to sleep through the night HERE.

We love and use the BBluv Umi 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Humidifier and Air Purifier nearly every night.  The Umi is a humidifier and air purifier and really helps Jackson with congestion.  Unfortunately the Termo 4-in-1 Digital Thermometer from BBluv is not a winner.  I was so excited about this thermometer but it's very unreliable.  I will get 5 different temps within seconds so I feel like I can't trust its readings.

Jack needs every toy under the sun to keep him happy and entertained.  I barely had anything for the girls and I swore I would never have this much stuff for a baby but I never imagined how needy a baby could be.  Jack enjoys the 4 in 1 Ocean Activity Center from Fisher Price but his favorite toy is the Jumperoo also by Fisher Price.  He loves all the toys that he can grab and jumping up and down.  He hasn't mastered turning the seat around but as soon as he gets a little bored I just turn him around and it's like a whole new toy for him.

Bath time is likely Jack's favorite time of the day; he loves kicking in the water.  I think a must-have item for bath time is a tear-free rinse pail.  I love the one from Nuby because it's light weight and has a soft edge for baby's head.


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